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Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Potato Crazy World ! (Duniaku Yang Gila Kentang!)

I have got 1001 stories to tell. I just don't know where to begin. LIFE OH LIFE.

To conclude, EVERYTHING is happening so fast!!

1. Tomorrow is my Pre-graduation Dinner! (i feel old)

2. I had a chance to be interviewed for YSL. (the call was received 2 hours b4 interview and I had to do 'mock teaching')----seriously, i know i would not be able to get the scholarship but it was a nice experience.

3. I have started receiving calls and email for work interviews :)---(thanks to the recent job fair at PWTC and mr brian's recommendation letter)

Do pray the best for me..and for u..oh and for the entire human race. Good night people!

current mode: dizzy wizzy


tot tot kecik said...


gud luck tuk segala2 nye alia..!!
semoga alia cepat2 dpt keje yg bagus2 k.. :)

oo sgt jeles sbb kte da lma teringin nk g job fair tu tp xberkesempatan..sedihnye.. :'(

alia nadhirah said...

hidayah, thank u so much! u have always been very supportive oh :')

next time kalau ade job fair kte gi sesama ok? hritu pon kte gi ngn ayah je. jngn la sedih, most of the companies kat job fair tu kate "balik nnti cik surf website kami ye, kami slalu update vacancy kat situ". jadi marila kite berajin-rajin cari keje kat intenet. all the best hidayah!!

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