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"No matter how hard life is, just think positive and you will succeed!" -Aliakamal-

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shall i tell you a secret? ;)


How are you people? I hope that everything is fine :) if not, well.. what can I do.. huehue..

So, let's skip the reasons why I haven't posted any entry for such a long time and jump to my main issue.

I have kept this secret for quite a long time now and the secret is....
I am a very very secretive person!

Hahaha.. Sorry guys, actually I'm that kind of person. To be honest, I rarely share my life issues in depth with anyone...  Plus, I don't think that anyone will be interested to know my secret anyway.  I'm not Neelofa. lol!

However, if you would like to keep in touch with me, do find me at instagram @alia_kamal and twitter @Aliakamal90 ... and you'll discover that part of my lifestory is in there.

I really miss blogging but recently i felt that it's better for me to spend more time with family rather than sitting in front of my laptop..have enough of it during office hour.  And yes, I'm using only my mobile phone to connect with my social network friends.  Maybe I should blog from my phone instead. hmm..

Till then, dear Blogreaders, please stay healthy and happy ya.

Gambar hiasan-our singapore trip last April

Once again, thanks for reading! :)

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