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"No matter how hard life is, just think positive and you will succeed!" -Aliakamal-

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Random things from my messy mind

This semester break is the most hectic one i've ever had. My daily schedule is always full with activities and my to-do-list keeps growing longer. I may have to travel to Ipoh tomorrow and also have to send letters n all through fax to more than 3 companies. The workload is killing me.

Seriosly, I wish u know.. I really hope that u'll understand me.

A happy picture to make me smile...though I'm not actually in the mood right now. Alia, keep fighting, and don't stop till u drop.

BTW: I really know a BIG SECRET that I can't wait to tell...but i have to wait ..and wait until the 10th of June before i can tell anyone..huhu..


saki said...

uh-oh.i'd swap place with u darling.ur life sounds way more interesting. btw, good luck with whatever you have to do. posthaste, x boleh bagitau secret tu awal ka? haha, i haven't heard the word 'secret' for ages. I'm itching to hear yours.

alia nadhirah said...

be careful 4 what u wish for saki..ahaha..thanks, i really2 need the LUCK. oh, d secret? hmmm..hehe..i've sent my offline msg to ur ym. check it out! ;)

tot tot kecik said...



waah cntk gmbr..comel..

alia nadhirah said...

thank u so much hidayah! :D

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