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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The greatest award that i've ever received..

p/s:this post has been saved as a draft for over a month now..haha

The greatest award that i've ever received in my entire life is... my family!

This is the truth.
More than anything in the world, I love them most.
Because of them, I believe I can achieve almost everything in the world.
Abah and opah believe that I'm better than anyone else in the world
...although i'm obviously not.
Mama and tok believe that I can do all kind of tasks
..although i'm clueless most of the time

To be honest..I know that of my carelessness or lazyness, i've failed to meet their
expectations quite sometimes..

But because of their positive vision, high hope, i have always always pushed myself and worked hard. Even at kindergarten I worked hard taw..haha..

Until one day, Abah's & Mama's doa has been granted.

I'm just a language student and receiving the award is like a dream. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for everything that you have awarded me with. I'm begging you, please3 dont take anything back from me.

Anugerah Cemerlang Tan Sri Arshad Ayub

will always be the prove that I have the greatest support system in the world consisting of: family, friends, lecturers, school teachers, juniors, seniors, relatives, internship supervisor & colleague and all the people around

If I were to list all the members in My Support System (MSS), the list would be 10 pages long. Thus, I really really hope that you know who you are :)
Some other important members of MSS

Meet the VIP members of MSS

My family

My lecturers and best friends

My supportive & kind supervisor at mahb, Mr Brian

my backbone, miss ninie

This is one part in my life that i wish to remember..forever

Istiadat Konvokesyen UiTM Ke-75

Sidang Pertama, 20 Oktober 2011

Opah, Tok and Mama..before entering the main hall

in the changing room with rafeeza (Law) and zuhairi (OM)

while waiting for our turn, i was tortured by the wall which emits freezing cold air
(the wall is actually air-cond in disguise. xtipu.)

my view from the third last row

Receiving the award from the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan, we were the last group to be on the stage that day. Tuanku looked very tired but he managed to give me a smile. 'Tahniah', he said. tu je yg best kot...haha

eh, ade lagi best la! we manage to appear on 3 national newspaper ;)



and Sinar Harian which published the same picture as Utusan

had captured this pic waiting for our turn to take picture with the king

we rode a bus to another hall just to have lunch and this is...

-the appetizer- haha... too hungry to take picture of other food.

beautiful flowers from beloved mama & abah

After lunch, we were brought back to DATC area and it's time to take more picturesss :)

With beloved tok and opah

stairs to carpark

Sidang Kelima, 23 Oktober 2011

This is my real convocation day! The day for my friends and I to smile happily together :) Congratulations to all my friends, we are really GRADUATING! yeay!! :)

we were seated in the front row. get very clear view :)

congratulations ninie, ema, fatin, hasinah, kak syazana, and tun!! U all are the best. seriously!

Congratulations wanyu and kak wan!

Congratulations coozy and kak masitah!

i'm so happy for nini! tiga bintang is our dream since we entered the course. alhamdulillah, thank you allah, we did it, together :)

Congratulations kak dija, jacyntha, azrina, kak hani! :)

our cake :)

haha.. my face was very comot already

a gift from atikah norddin, my asasi friend

an early visit (again) just to take convo picture with beloved sis before returning back the robe

family (mine+nini) dinner with dr mazli

with abah tersayang

meet my only sister, atiya

the bouquet given by nini's parents. yeay!
(I edited this pic using adobe photoshop express on my mobile -very cool!- it's extremely easy to use)

To summarise: i'm blessed,
for having a loving family . great lecturers . supportive friends. wonderful people around
i'm blessed
Thank you ya Allah.
i love you allah.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Memorable moments

Hello world!!

Want to know something? I have been working for almost four months already! Time does fly very fast now..and as for my money, it flows like waterfalls. huahuahua..

The pictures are meant to summarise events/incidents happening around for the past 4 months. Enjoy :)

KL Rat Race 2011

Atiya & friends at the small raya open house

Ahyad & friends


Mama appears in B.Harian

Yesterday was one of the best days in my life where Ema, Ninie and I had organised an event called:

Appreciation & Farewell High-Tea

The event which is especially held as an appreciation to our lecturers who have sacrificed a lot for us and also to celebrate our graduation this coming Sunday.

Thanks a lot to the lecturers who have been so kind to attend the event. We love you!

1. Dr Chai
2. Dr Saidatul
3. Dr Hawa
4.Dr Asiah
5. Dr Dinna
6. Dr Zarina

Also many many thanks to all who have happily came and contributed to the event's success.

I love the speech session the most! So heart-warming la.


P/S: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MAMA AND ABAH! for being so supportive in everything I do :)

currently: I'm thinking very hard 'should I study part time? will I manage???'

More news and pictures coming up soon. Till Then, Bye2 Lovely people!! I'm so happy happy happy :D

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