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"No matter how hard life is, just think positive and you will succeed!" -Aliakamal-

Friday, December 17, 2010


I love semester break so much! i wonder who in the world hate holidays.. so far, most of my time were spent doing things that i love. spending time with my siblings and cousins. jalan-jalan..makan-makan..tengok tv..haha.. i know i'm not as productive as u are (to those who are working) but it really makes me happy.

hey i still do housechores u know! oh, i'm a driver and babysitter as well ;)

the japanese style fried mackerel (fish fried with soy sauce. lol!) served on a bed of green worms (ermm.. i mean green bean sprouts. haha..)

the recent things that happened was:

1. mak teh jah's and family annual visit

makteh & family live in sabah, so when they come to semenanjung, it's like an occasion to my family

we went to many places together: klcc~ pasar seni ~kg. kuantan's fireflies~uptown shah alam & i-city

makteh & family together with ateh are now on their quest for exciting places of kelantan and terengganu.

and the second event...

ahyad with the not so stylish style

oh what are the boys doing???

2. an unexpected visit to kl tower (i seriously feel like a vip! haha..perasan tol)

picture taken at the foot of the tower :) --i live in shah alam but we (my family) rarely go to kuala lumpur. dislike kl because of the massive traffic. thus, seeing the kl tower this near made me want to jump!! hahaha..

it was unexpected because it was too sudden. my father called to ask my mother to accompany him for a meeting at kl tower..but as usual my mother brought us ALL (except atiya who is currently at uitm puncak alam..pity her).

it's a fact that (i really do not know why) we like to follow our parents wherever they go. unlike normal children who prefer to stay at home and do their things we choose to be abnormal. haha..

some info about kuala lumpur tower @ KL TOWER

The KL Tower is a 421m high telecommunications and broadcasting tower which actually appears to be taller than the Petronas Towers, because it is built on a hill. Amidst the city of Kuala Lumpur stands the Menara Kuala Lumpur at 515m above sea level. It's a joke, and everybody knows, that the Petronas Towers are the highest buildings in Kuala Lumpur. It also claims to house the highest McDonald's in the World. This tower has an observation deck, where you finally can manage to get a bird's eye view of the city.

Entrance Fee: Adults RM38
Child RM28

i thought the meeting would just be at one of the restaurants located at the foot of the kl tower since you have to pay the entrance fee to get in the elevators..and not to mention, you have to follow its dress code. Being a comot girl like always, i was wearing a sweater over a t-shirt together with my favourite pair of jeans and sandals. aiyoyo..

HOWEVER, my expectation was wrong. yes, the visit became more exciting than wht i have imagined! we were invited & accompanied to the KL TOWER REVOLVING RESTAURANT: a place which i had been longing to go for a very long time!!! hurrayyy :D

My dream come true :)

live performance-this gentleman can sing many songs from different languages while playing his piano-cool!

Moment of revelation: the secret behind the revolving restaurant!
The whole upper part of the tower actually retains its position. the only part that keeps moving is the dining place, the place where tables, chairs, and islands of food are arranged. The elevators area, which is located at the centre of the restaurant/tower remain still and so do the windows for outside view. The windows & the wall of the restaurant/tower do not move at all actually. (i wonder if u understand what i'm trying to say..haha) As you look outside, you'll feel like the whole place is moving, but actually, it's not like that. By looking at the picture above, you can see that the blue and white area. the blue area is the dining are (moving) while the white area is the central area (not moving).

the night view of KL city from the revolving rest.

the elevator-and models. haha..

3. I've finally & officially secured a place for internship. ALHAMDULILLAH :)

this is the greatest relieve for me. i've been worrying so much that i will not get a place in time. i didn't expect that getting a placement would be this tiresome and challenging. hurrm.. but i did learn many things just by applying for places. haha.. i prefer not to share what i've learnt here. u can ask me urself if u wanna know ;)

The letter was received on the 16th of december through POSLAJU. thanks uncle postman :)

now i really need to worry about renting a house nearer to the place & think of how am i going to survive living independently or to be exact living far (lah sangat! haha..) oops not far, just away from my beloved family ..and being a working adult. ---which i am not.. YET! rase cuak membara. bersemangat ade la sket (bwt masa skrg..that is)

enjoy your holiday people! -only little time left.. (sad sad..)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It was indeed a surprise. Alhamdulillah.

First and foremost, thank u Allah. thank u mama and thank u abah. I LOVE U!

"Yesterday evening i was in a bad mood."

to make it short, The presentation...was not one of my bests. quite disappointing actually.

"Never did i expect something 'big' will happen to me that night."

"Never had i received so many things in just a few hours."

Thank u Allah, for giving many friends that i can rely on. Thank u Allah, for giving me the opportunity to learn from these kindhearted lecturers. Thank u Allah.

"Ya Allah, please give me and my friends strength to achieve our dreams."

"and ya Allah, please2..let happiness be with me always..don't retract any of ur gifts ya Allah"

because i don't think i can be where i am, neither can i survive without them.. the people that i love.

Thank u Allah.

*while writing this, i'm thinking of many many people that i know and love..from asasi, my parents & siblings, my lecturers, my clasmates/bestfriends, my juniors, and my big family.*

i really2 hope that u know who u are :) THANKS 4 EVERYTHING.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Food makes u a happy person-if it doesn't make u fat..haha..

Hello everyone!

Today we are going to learn about alia's favourite food. Hope you'll learn something new today ;)

FROM ALIA'S KITCHENshepherd's pie
i made this during the first week of Ramadhan.. found the recipe on the internet. credits to mak teh jah who first introduced this easy-to-make-but-very-delicious pie! got the recipe here

egg tars
on the same day, we (ayman n me) also baked some egg tarts! ayman has been asking me to make these since after sahur.. no choice then. actually, this was my first attempt doing egg tarts and shepherd's pie. xsangka berjaya..haha...(ketawe gembira..walaupun xcantik tart tu). i got the recipe here

we also love to play barbecue during weekends-these are sweet potatoes
haha! i love sweet potatoes :D

1.Anggerik International Cafe UiTM Shah Alam (the one at UiTM's International Center)

I like to eat here bcos:
i-the food is nice-taste n presentation
ii-the price is affordable (can be considered as cheap considering the hotel like environment and its good service)
iii-western food is my favourite
iv-it's very near to my faculty. haha..

to all friends who have never been here, do tell me. i will treat u if i've extra money. otherwise, ape salahnye blanje me skali-skala.. ;)

chicken porridge RM4.00
i love the fish porridge better :) it has crispy fish fillet! nyumm :)
the porridge comes with yellow ginger sambal

Chili cheese fries RM 5.90 (newest on the menu)
this is a must order! the portion is quite big-meant for sharing :) the fries are topped with chicken tomato sauce (i think it's the same sauce used for chicken spaghetti bolognese) and of course loads of cheeeeeese!! hehe...

the thing that i don't like about the place is.. the operating hours..huhu.
the cafe is managed mostly by students
it only opens on weekdays at 8.30 a.m until 7.30p.m.

2. Asiari, SACC Shah Alam
The food here is quite expensive for a student like me. Nevertheless, indulging yourself once in a while after working hard at school is not a sin right? ;)

located at the heart of shah alam, asiari can be categorised as an exclusive eating place offering food from vietnam, thailand, and malaysia. i think some of the food have been modified to suit our taste-buds.

seafood noodle RM 10 .90(if i'm not mistaken)
the noodle has a distinctive authentic taste that makes it so delicious. slightly hot & sweet, it is suitable for children and adults alike. the seafood combination includes-squid, prawn, and fish. nyumm! u'll be surprise how crunchy the veggies r :)

meat cooked with lotus root served with rice
this menu is quite nice for those who loves sweet and spicy dishes. the lotus root is actually pickled root thus it will leave ur this tongue tingling with its sweet and sour taste. the sauce makes the dish quite spicy and the slices of meat are tender. this dish comes with salad and some sweet pickles (made of papaya-i think).

also, this is nini's favourite :) according to her, she never ordered anything accept for this. haha.. i can't blame her because the menu at asiari is very different from other common restaurants in malaysia. if u ordered something that u are not familiar with, u might be disappointed with what u get. true enough kan?

other favourite menus include:
lemongrass chicken chop with rice-u'll also get a sunny side up egg
percik chicken with butter rice
mutton curry with rice
pineapple fried rice
sweet n sour fish lunch set
favourite appetiser-mango shrimp roll

the thing that i don't like about the place is.. the price of the drinks..huhu
i often order chinese tea/mineral water.
if i feel like saving, i'll puchase canned drink at Giant first ..(haha..savingla kot in a way)

PICTURES BELOW are FEW OTHERS (note my pragmatics..hoho) listed on my FAVOURITE FOOD LIST. =D

sarawak's terubuk masin served with rice, ulam (salad), sambal belacan, and a special chili sauce
d picture was taken at Kuching food court-the one that we have to cross the river first by riding on a small-long boat.

buffet spread! i love buffet so much :) haha.. cm tamak je ni
d picture was taken at Chicken Hartz, Mid Valley

indonesian food ..maybe i'm too influence with the cookings of my previous indonesian maids..haha..trust me, indonesia is a food paradise in which you can find food anytime every where! last time we went to medan, many of the hawkers bring along the cooking gas, wok, ingredients and all on their small carts. and believe me they push the carts everywhere to search for hungry people. you may also find satay, rojak, bakso, and even drinks pushcarts! my favourite drink is jus alpokat which is actually the juice made of avocado with chocolate taste with it.
d picture taken at sari ratu, subang parade-buka puasa spread

all nuts, chocolates, and sweets
d picture taken was tok timah's box of nuts

tomato sauce mee
this is another one of kuchings' specialty. picture taken at a foodcourt in a mall that i cnt remember its name located opposite my hotel in kuching.

perda's BIG currypuff
introduced by ateh. extremely good and u'll be full in no time. haha..the currypuffs come together with bawang murtabak (the one that's red in colour). there are three choices of currypuffs-sardines, chicken, and meat. picture taken at perda, penang.

perda's siput belutong masak lemak with pineapple
ni mmg sedap giler!! haha..thanks to ateh for giving us these for a house warming gift :D

mintak ampun maaf zahir dan batin ya semua :)

highest row: from left ain, me, atiya, ahyad
second highest row: iman, nawfal, idin
second front row: ayman, arab, fateha
front row: zufairah n syahid

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Manja? Mengada-ngada? or just plain jealous??

Facebook oh facebook.

if u don't exist, i may have less of such feelings.

Seriously, many many people have labeled me as a person who has no feelings..oR a person who's always happy. But i'm normal. I do have feelings. Not that they don't exist, they are carefully hidden. Hidden in a place to be forgotten if the feelings are negative.. and hidden so that no one knows if the feelings are embarrassing.

Recently i have noticed something. I'm not good at hiding feelings anymore like i used to be..or maybe i'm just tired of hiding them. (I'm posting my feelings to my not-so-secret-diary now, so wht do u think?)

As fast as I can smile to someone... As easy as I can say 'yes' to someone's request..
i am also easily jealous of someone, easily irritated by irrational reason and most important i can be distracted really easily. Like, i should be focusing on my books now, looking at the long list below.

i wonder what has happened to me

Like yesterday when Kak almas shows me something. It's really2 disturbing. I kept thinking of what i've seen..and my effort now. Truthfully, I haven't done as much as what they had which explains my position right now. After all life is like a big wheel, u'r up if u work hard + lucky and u can be at the lowest position if u get distracted. This is my life and i make decision for myself. Therefore, I AM the one who's responsible for the consequences caused. who else can i blame anyway...

Will i achieve my dreams? Is my determination still strong??

I'm starting to have doubts. I HOPE ALL THESE DOUBTS WILL FADE, SOON.

Ramadhan oh ramadhan, make the best out of us.
Ya Allah, please ya allah, strengthen our determination for success. Let our hearts, our thoughts, and our actions be directed just for you. Only u ya allah, that i love most.

P/s: I admit that i'm manja at certain groups of people that I love but I'm definitely not mengada-ngada. If i want something, i work hard, i pray. My jealousy level is very high, i know. Thanks to jealousy i kept pushing myself.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

important things come first (SHOULD!)

Note to self, these are important dates and tasks that u need to remember.

1.persuasion n nego PERSUASION TEST (26.8.10)
2. entrepreneurship TEST 1 chapter 1-8 (26.8.2010)
3. economy TEST 2 (30.8.10)
4. entrepreneurship GROUPTASK marketing plan pg 19 (2.9.10)
5. retailing GROUP ASGNMNT (21.9.10)
6. retailing TEST 2 (23.9.10)
7. it in biznes TEST 1, TEST 2, GROUP ASGMNT, INDIV ASGMNT (28.9.10)
8. persuasion n nego NEGOTIATION TEST (30.9.10)
9. persuasion n nego CASE STUDY PRESENTATION (7.10.10)
10.persuasion n nego SIMULATION PRESENTATION (14.10.10)


Monday, July 12, 2010

Study mode

Gear up Alia, open ur textbooks and start memorising those definitions and graphs!

Assignments to be done:
1. Persuasion n negotiation due- 22 July homework n presentation with ain
2. Find place 4 internship- before july ends! hv to update resume and cover letter
3. Make 8 copies of ETR notes
4. Discuss ETR BUSINESS, make business plan- with nini, cnah n kak ain

Today in history: for the first time in my life i received a ticket from the traffic police-bad luck! will be more thoughtful next time.

To everyone (including ME!): mari blaja rajin2, jngn main facebook je taw!!

picture: last sem in cempaka 4-was typing my research paper kot.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i hate u!

i know hate is a strong word..but i really really DISLIKE you!

everything happens for a reason. maybe 1 is better than 2.

the semester has just began. the first day has just ended. u just should't be sad bcos of small small things. be strong..stay strong.

get a rest. can u?

Monday, July 5, 2010

1st Day-things to do

1. To SMK BUKIT JELUTONG: Confirm the vip namelist with syam.

msg apb fax numb, fax things 4 students to bring list, tech things that the school need to prepare list, and vip name list.

2. Buy ret n eco textbooks at aba. no money yet~~

3. Groupwork task-what is retailing-5 elements-with nini, cnah, tun

4. Find classroom 4 eco replacement class 8.30 next thursday. ask the office.

5. SAF Meeting tomorrow.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Only two days left

Yes. I have 2 days before the semester begins.

New semester resolutions:

1. focus focus and focus!
2. less bercuti sakan on weekends. do homeworks and assignmnts as soon as teringat
3. for calculation, do lots of exercises. no time to waste
4. improve priotising skills. no procrastination
5. be positive about all subjects. u can do it!
6. be more confident in front of audience.

friends, goodluck for this coming semesters. all the best! mari berusaha. GIGIH!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

dah lame xbwt tag questions..teringin..ahaha..

'Listkan 23 perkara tentang kamu. tak kisah la either fact or myth'

1. x suka tdo siang
2.kdg2 xleh tido mlm jgk
3. maybe xcukup tdo tym kecik tu la xleh tinggi..wuhuhu
4. anak sulung tpi org slalu xpcaye ble bgitaw diorg
5. paling suka makan acar buah and sambal tumis tok timah (nenek sebelah mak)

suka sangat makan gulai ikan kering opah yg ade nanas n terung and ubi keledek (nenek sebelah abah)
7. suka sembang dengan tok wan zainuddin yg smakin berusia smkin comel. (xtipu taw)
8. SAYANG mama, abah, n atiya, ahyad, nawfal, ayman sngt2!
9. suka makan semua bende kecuali kari ayam, ayam masak lemak, and semua ikan air tawar (ikan tu mmg xleh telan..ahaha)
10. suka dpt kwn baru
11. masih xleh trima dh nk msuk sem 5 lagi 3-4 hari..wah rse tua dh. mula2 rse cm nk grad cepat2 tu. tpi skrg..rse cm nk msuk part 1 blik. alia, wht's ur prob actually??
12. pling takut kalau org kate saye ni poyo/riak/bangga diri. sbb perasaan mcm tu xde langsung dlm diri..mybe kdg2 tersalah ckp yg mmbwt org tersalah tafsir
13. sbnrnye sngt suka main kejar2. paling seronok kalau ade fmily day. mase utk lari2 xingat dunia n main games dgn spupu2 kecik :)
14. wish that i can stop the clock. felt so happy at this moment. seriously don't want to grow older and think about what mature people r supposed 2 be thinking.
15. when i was small suke lukis gmbar princess..ade hati nk jdi princess la tu kot. ahaha..
16. happy moments bnyk..tpi moment yg pling mnggembirakan dan boleh ingat smpai skrg ialah tym ayman najwan (adik kecik) lahir n mase dpt result spm.
17. moment sedih alhamdulillah xbnyk. ade la 1-2 yg xleh lupe. apeye? rhsia.. ;)
18. suka projek 1 malaysia sangat!
love the modules, the experience, the schools, the students, and most important love all the team members. hope our friendship will last 4 ever guys :)
19. suka g jalan2. tapi lesen berjalan slalunya susah utk diapprove. hoho..
20. skrg ni teringin nk naik roller coaster ngn kawan2. xkisahla sape2 pon yg nk teman.
21. akan berusaha keras bersama clsmate yg lain utk dpt anugerah ANC. berusaha.
22. bulan puasa dh nk dkat. yahoo!!
23. nk ckp trima kasih yg tdk terhingga kpd parents yg baik hati yg tlah mnghadiahkan hadiah pling best dlm dunia. thanks mama abah. i love u sooo much. if xbagi hadiah pon, i still love u sooooo much. u both r the world 4 me.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the importance of being humble

a weird title just came out from my mind. hoho..very weird indeed i do not know whether the title has any connection with what i'm going to tell u. nevertheless, being humble is very important as everyday is a new day.

live ur life humble, open ur heart n open ur mind to learn new things. be sensitive towards others feelings. those r the things that we all hv to learn. being humble doesn't necessarily make u lower than others but if u'r smart, there r lots of things that u can achieve by just being humble. will try my very best to improve myself every single day.

note to self: as long as u r a living thing, it's a must that u learn new things and adapt to new surroundings.

just now when i was having a meeting with the 1 malaysia project members i felt so sleepy..maybe bcos of the headache tht i suddenly got after the 20 minutes accidental nap (8.10-8.30). hoho..the meeting supposed to start at 9 pm. the point is, when i reached home, i dont feel sleepy anymore. huhu..

so, here i am. typing on my seldomly updated blog. in the middle of the night.

recently, i've been attacked by a disease called confusion. (alia, when will u actually grow up and be an adult? haish. response to this kind of distractions wisely ok!) ~i hate this feeling even though such feeling rarely comes~

i love myself. ya Allah, please guide me in my life. give me strength, raise up my spirit. only u know what's inside my messy mind.
alia, apekah yg anda karutkan malam2 ni? silala tido. goodnite everyone.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Going to schools makes my passion stronger!

In case u don't know, i was a teslian before. Being one of the 20 TESL Asasians in Malacca, I really enjoyed the subjects and had built the passion 4 teaching during the 2 meaningful semesters. But such hopes to be a great teacher has started to fade since the KPT's SHOCKING RESULT. The decision had then changed my status.

I changed.. Nothing more about teaching, in apb the focus is to prepare myself towards the corporate world.. of what will it be to communicate in the corporate setting..

Since being a plain student with many problems is just not enough for me, i volunteered to be an smf (hahaha..) which then leads me to join in the faculty's huge project, Bahasa & Budaya 1 Malaysia. This project requires all the project members to go to 6 schools and teach and run some modules on the students.

The thing is, through teaching the kids i've realised that my passion for teaching is still there. i actually feel thrilled! compared to talking with adults about serious issues and boring problems, i prefer mingling with children..having fun, keep teaching and learning new things.. yeah, that's nicer.

hmm..now, even though i have recognised some challenges that i will face as an educator, i'm seriously considering to pursue my master in education (TESL). what do u think friends?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Random things from my messy mind

This semester break is the most hectic one i've ever had. My daily schedule is always full with activities and my to-do-list keeps growing longer. I may have to travel to Ipoh tomorrow and also have to send letters n all through fax to more than 3 companies. The workload is killing me.

Seriosly, I wish u know.. I really hope that u'll understand me.

A happy picture to make me smile...though I'm not actually in the mood right now. Alia, keep fighting, and don't stop till u drop.

BTW: I really know a BIG SECRET that I can't wait to tell...but i have to wait ..and wait until the 10th of June before i can tell anyone..huhu..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

i used to love blogging

It's funny reading my older posts. Especially posts that had been written when i was in asasi. I used to love blogging, summarising my not-very-interesting life and posting pictures. But now, somehow, the passion has disappeared. Hmm, maybe I should cultivate the passion again now. Now, i am extremely busy with Bahasa & Budaya 1 Malaysia Project. Being the "Biro Tajaan & Publisiti", i really really need to work hard for the benefit of the school students. No sponsor means, no present, no cenderahati and no goodies!

To all my future juniors, taking LG220: Bachelor of Applied Lang. Studies (Hons.) English for Professional Communication or LG221 : Bachelor of Applied Lang. Studies (Hons.) Malay Language for Professional Communication , WELCOME TO APB! I'm your 'Biro Akademik' in APB's Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti (SMF). If you need to know more about these courses and its challenges, feel free to contact me :)
my email:littlemushroom_90@yahoo.com
u can also find me in facebook

p/s: ex-Asasi TESLians 2007-2008, i miss u ALL!

p/ss: to all my schoolfriends (smks19), i'm looking forward to meet u all soon! (at Kedai Anggerik ke..haha..)
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