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Saturday, April 23, 2011

the school and i :)

Entry ini adalah berkisar tentang memori yang tak dapat dilupakan sewaktu bersekolah di kampung tanpa ibu bapa di sisi. Kepada sesiapa yang berminat nak masuk pertandingan ni bolehla tekan sini. Syarat2 pertandingan semua ade kat situ. Hanya ceritakan tentang pengalaman korg masa kecik2 dulu :)

saya tag cik wan ainol, cik hidayah dan encik syahmi


All of the sudden, I think I miss my school years. The years full of fun and exploration.

The first formal class that I went was at Taska Abim Masjid Ubudiah. hehe.. Our free time would be used to play run-and-catch around the mosque. We were often scolded by an uncle for making too much noise :(

During recess, we would have food like nasi lemak or mihun goreng with teh o. The best thing was, sometimes, the pakcik roti would come to us bringing lots of junkfood on his motorcycle and all I would buy was a keropok masuk angin perisa coklat yang dapat hadiah free gigi drakula tu. Although I can't remember much of what I've learnt there, the school was an awesome place for my early education..walaupun selalu kene berdiri atas kerusi sebab tak hafal perkataan bahasa arab.. :(

Sekolah Kebangsaan Methodist Parit Buntar (1997)

The above, ladies and gentleman, was my first school.

When mama had to further study overseas, my siblings and I were transported to Parit Buntar. We stayed with the grandparents for about one year. It was my first experience going to primary school and I went there without my parents T_T
What I love there?: Its FOOD :D I love going to the small window at the side of the canteen and order " makcik, saya nak nasik ayam!". Nasi ayam actually refers to plain white rice with ayam masak kicap banyak kuah yg harganya sepinggan 60 sen. All I remembered was, I never come home with extra cash, even 10 cents. pemboros kan? haha.. *u don't have to tell the world that u really like to eat alia, they knew already!* Oh, besides that, I also love the cosy drawing class :) I had fun fun fun with my friends! In the drawing class, we would sit on the floor and draw on the Japanese table sharing the same bottles of watercolour together.
Most scary experience: Being injected twice for immunisation. Before being called to the school clinic, my friends were all showing their scared face saying "misi mai dah, misi mai dah!!". The naive me didn't know what 'misi' means until I saw what the misi was holding! The injection syringe T_T. Yeah, because I'm a girl, I was injected twice. I really wished that I can be a boy back then! hmmph..

My weird behaviour: I loved to buy hansaplast (plaster yg utk luka2 tu) at the bookshop. One priced at 10 cents..maybe during that time I dreamed to be a doctor. Whenever someone had a small cut, I would happily give a piece of plaster to that person. weirdo..
What I really2 can't forget?: In my class, there was a boy name Faiz (if i'm not mistaken), he's the class monitor. and he told the prefect monitoring our class (kakak senior kot) that of all the girls in the class, he likes me the most! . hehe.. he's quite cute, so I was very happy. kecik2 lagi dah pandai weh, tengok jam pon xreti, kire duit pon salah2!

I went to the sekolah agama in the evening. It doesn't have a canteen yet when I was there. An auntie would ride a bicycle with a push-cart attached to it and fed us with many many junkfood and fried mihun if I'm not mistaken. I rode a bicycle to the evening school, however, whenever it rains, my grandma would ask her neighbour's son-a boy 2 years older to fetch me. I don't know what's the reason since he was also riding a bicycle and not car! I was drenched in rain anyway. lol!

This, everyone, was a part of my experience while being in standard 1. Thanks for reading! :D

Oh, by the way, I moved back to the school near my house in Standard 2.


syazasyahriza said...

hahahha alia, enjoy reading ur schooltime :)

alia nadhirah said...

hehe.. thanks kak sya :D

munirah ruslan said...

nasi ayam for 60 cent was really cheap. surely there's no more nasi ayam 60cent. thinking of my school days, i didnt enjoy d food as much as u do. but i enjoyd d junkfood :)

Anonymous said...

Hello this theme is very concerning. Keep it going teammate !

alia nadhirah said...

yes, the food price does increase a lot these few years. at the wet market, the nasi lemak were used to be sold at 30 cents each. now the selling price has changed to 60 cents. but the price is still much cheaper compared to s.alam.

alia nadhirah said...

anon: thanks mate! may i know who u are? :)

khadijah aminah md yusoff said...


alia nadhirah said...

kak dija: can i take your comment as a complement?

khadijah aminah md yusoff said...

hahahaha mmg kelaka nk buat macamne.. ahahhaaa

tot tot kecik said...


ooh alia sweet nye citer skolah..!!! =p
insyaAllah nnt kte wt k..thanx tag.. :D

alia kamal said...

sebenanye knangan kat skolah mnengah ngn awk laaagi sweet. hihi..

Dr. Siti Hamidah said...

thanks Alia :) :)

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