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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Modern and traditional agriculture

As mentioned in an article on Wikipedia (Agriculture, 2008), agricultural progress has been the most important factor which leads to humans’ civilization. The ability to produce their own food by planting and rearing their own animals allows humans not to move around so that they can create their own civilization. The world has progressed in such a rapid manner that traditional agriculture has aggressively been replaced by modern agricultural approaches and methods. To compare, there are several distinctions between the traditional and modern agriculture.

The most significant difference between conventional agriculture and modern agriculture is the technology aspect. During the old days, agricultural technology was not well developed compared to now. People did not use any machinery to farm their land. Today, with modern technology a lot of equipment and different types of machinery have been developed to assist farming. Instead of the traditional method of using hoe or buffaloes to plough the land, tractors and other heavy machinery which are much more efficient replaced those animals (Madagascar, 1994). Previously, farmers had to consider land suitability, climate factor and the availability of adequate water supply before planting a crop that suited those criteria. However, with modern technology, all these factors could be controlled to suit the type of crop to be planted as the greenhouse technology is created. The greenhouse is a structure built of glass or plastic, and it is able to maintain the optimum combination of moisture, temperature and light for plant growth (Modern Farming Techniques, n.d.). As an example, farmers in Egypt are able to plant strawberries in the hot climate and also corn in winter. As a result of much research, chemical pesticides and fertilizer have been created to assist farmers.

Another aspect of dissimilarity between traditional and modern farming is the purpose. In the old days, farmers worked on their land to produce crops for their own domestic use. They tended to plant a variety of crops so that they became self-sufficient. Later, farmers practiced the barter system. By doing so, they are able to exchange the agricultural products with other farmers. In modern times, agricultural products have become a very important part in business. A lot of products are produced on a large scale to be sold locally or for export (Comparison of Traditional and Modern Agriculture, n.d). Normally farmers concentrate on a single crop so that they can specialise in producing it. Agricultural products too have become commodities that are traded at the stock market. Palm oil, cocoa and sugar are some of the examples.

In terms of harming the environment, the modern agricultural methods are more harmful than the traditional methods. Traditional farmers utilised animal waste as the plant fertilizer which caused no harm to the environment. On the other hand, modern agriculture uses chemical pesticides and fertilizer which has resulted in soil and water pollution (Madagascar, 1994). Besides, pesticides not only destroy unwanted pests, but other insects, and natural predators are also destroyed. This leads to the instability of the ecosystem. The consumption of these pesticides will definitely be hazardous to man as it poison accumulated in the body. Plus, the excessive use of fertilizer may cause eutrophication of ponds and rivers (Agriculture, 2007). As a result, water located underground will be contaminated as well. This will subsequently lead to numerous problems to the area involved.

To conclude, modern agriculture differ from traditional agriculture in terms of the technology being adopted, the purpose of agriculture and also the effects agriculture have on the ecosystem as well as on humans. Even though many countries are moving forward towards modern agricultural approaches because of higher productivity compared to the traditional approaches, nevertheless, there are certain factors that need to be considered (Mathias, 2001). For the quest of a bountiful harvest and monetary gains, the environment and mother earth should not be neglected.


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Monday, November 24, 2008


Eventhough it has been a while after raya, xkira nk post gak post nih..haha

I've got tonnes of asgnmnts during the raya break. But managed to complete none of them..hahaha. (really need to get rid of my bad habit *lazy* fast!)

However, i still celebrated raya happily, regardless of the assignments. Yeah, me during asasi is quite different from the me in degree. Somehow i become more lazy..but don't feel guilty for my bad behaviour. Really, when there is not much competition in class, my spirit to fight will not be there too. thus making it hard for me to concentrate on my work. True, i have nini,tun, sinah, and kak ita (my classmates)whch all display good learning habits as well as struggle very hard every day to achieve more than others. But still, my enthusiasm is just not there.. waaaa!!

Ok, enough of that. My raya was wonderful but not as fun compared to when i was a kid. Actually many things have changed since i made the decision to skip standard 4. I have 3 cousins amir, amirul, and hizami who are the same age of me. And suddenly i become a year advanced than them which cause the gap between us to widen. PLUS, we rarely see each other which resulted in the awkwardness among us. We used to play a lot together when we were little. Now just bcoz i'm a girl, i feel quite left out.

standing from left: me, atiya, ahyad,nawfal
sitting from left: abah, tokwan, opah, mama, ayman.

i love raya!!
~meeting all relatives (the chance only comes once a year)
~eating cookies and good food =) that i can hardly get at puncak
~and seeking 4 forgiveness without having people looking suspiciously at me.
(hehe..it's raya man..that's why i apologise, not that i really have done something wrong to you! *wink!*)

my only sister! btw, if u dont know, i'm the eldest in my family..but i think the most immature one after ayman. wee~
Alia, grow up!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people.

Tagged by : Helmin

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?

No sweat..i'll just say goodbye!

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?

i want to have more dreams to come true. (oh, sngtla tamak)

3. Did you ever do something that you regret?

too many to mention.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

buy a new big house with swimming pool.

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?

haha.. maybe. but i don't think that will happen in thousand years..

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

being loved of course.

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?

i don't really have to wait. there are lots of people around that i really2 love :)

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?

live with it.

9. What do you prefer, read or write?

Read for sure. reading people's ideas are much more interesting rather than producing your own.

10. Which one would you prefer; love before or after marriage ? Why ?

Love after marriage. that's what islam actually suggests.. however, i prefer not to talk much on my future.

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?

ala..i don't actually like to think about my future. in ten years time i see myself as a career woman. insyaallah.

12. What’s your fear?

Allah the almighty... also have irrational fears towards certain animals and giving speech to public.

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

very kind? :) i don't know, i think he's a person of few words. just know him better via reading his blog. no doubt, helmin is a kind and responsible person.

14. Who was your last missed call on your cell phone?

nazirah. the person who always asks me to jog together with her.

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

get ready 4 subuh prayer.

16. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?

it will never happen~wee~

17. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?

i don't know. of course, i will forgive that person. however it may be impossible to act normal with that particular person. plus i can't forget if a person has done a horrible thing to me, we need to be aware right?

18.With whom do you spend most your time with?

lately i spend most of my time watching over ayman and instant messaging with friends (when my broadband is working well though). so add me on your ym friends list
littlemushroom_90@yahoo.com :)

19.Which one do you prefer, tag people or being tagged by people?

Tag people, yeah definitely. =p

20. List 5 people to tag

alia ariffin

Saturday, September 6, 2008


BECAUSE i CANT think of ANYTHING ELSE i would like to write my things-to-do list here

1) prepare for critical thinking test-introduction 2 critical thinking n logical fallacies

2)discuss critical thinking assignment~def n example

3)presentation skills-prepare for phobia among children presentation~1 main point and power point slides

4)correct dr. azni's 3 essays~especially conclusion for the uniqueness of durian essay

5)prepare for the language arts test~reported speech and paraphrasing

6)intellectual discourse-presentation cant make my mind on the topic yet!!!!! die died dead! just pray that i can do well

7)grammar book finish the whole chapter about the noun phrase

8)mandarin test~learn chapter 1 until 8!! listen to the oral test in the cd given as well

9)ask parents about *********** (something very important)

please please please pray for me

especially for the 2 presentations

i'm not kidding, i'm terrified of these assignments!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i'm touched and...i miss abah!!

i want to write many things about my new college.. i want to say soooooo many things!
but i just dont feel like doing so right now.. after reading my cousin's blog...huhu..


maybe i'll tell u about my new life later. till then, u can visit my course's blog.


i've posted 2 posts there..


p/s: i feel like going home

Sunday, June 22, 2008

~JUNE 2008~




On 6th of June, i'm officially 18~huuu i'm old. I am 18, and I think I have not achieve that much in my life. Yes, I promise myself to work harder and achieve more on my birthday. I would be more rational and try to be more matured since i'm a half grown up now~i dont have other choice. Sadly, people grow up...they dont stay young forever~

Firstly i would like to deliver my gratitude to all that had wished me on my Birthday.

Thanks to~~

Yap, Atiya, Izuana, Bhaiti, Hud, Yana,Raudah, TJ, Kah Cak, Ashikin, Kak Anis, Mama, Abah, Kak Tori, Izham, Syahmi, Nazirah, Hanin, Paksu, Ahyad, Nawfal, Hidayah, Adib, n Radzi..these are some of the names that i could remember.

I'm deeply touched :)

That very night my father brought the whole family to pizza hut n bought 3 slices of cakes at secret recipe. #jimat kos..haha..# as a present I received a nice long sleeved shirt which had cost my sister all her pocket money...kakaka...thanks atiya :) and an interesting birthday card too which it's front pic resembled much of myself.


on 7th of june we went back to parit buntar and send our maid to opah n tokwan as opah always complained that she needs help to take care of tokwan n the house. We also celebrated father's day together for tokwan n also abah at kampung.

Oh, sending the maid away also means that I'M THE NEW MAID OF THE HOUSE..n since then my life become much more busier than before..but i'm happy doing the house chores as i could not give my service anymore when i returned back to campus.


alhamdulillah, on 11th of june i passed my jpj test completely n received my Lesen Percubaan on 17th of june. yeay!!


but my happiness did'nt last long~that very night...at 12.01 a.m early in the morning, the upu result was out. The result was really shocking.


TAHNIAH ! Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program seperti di bawah :




The first person that i'd told this to is hud. Since he was still on the net that night, we check the result together. Feeling rather depressed with the offer I couldn't stop myself from bothering hud and voicing out my worries..eventhough he, too has got a shocking result himself. i feel rather sorry for him.. having me as his friend..huhu...

I found out later that NONE of uitm Melaka student got the offer to do TESL Degree in UiTM..and also we, students of ptsl 2 08 had been spread to 5 different universities all over malaysia..


Being emotional is certainly not a good quality of mine..and I know I really have to grow up and accept the fate as it is..

Ya ALLAH, please give me some strength so that i'll learn to appreciate all that I already have.


And yesterday, 21st of june.. I went to the 5 Perdana 2006 gathering at Sunway Pyramid..I can say that the gathering is a success because most of the students came.. we updated each other about our life now..

I felt so happy to see all my friends..had been missing them a lot. I felt really proud to know that most of my friends are doing well in their studies, plus..about 5 or 6 of them are going for medic.

while others are offered to good univ. and good courses as well. I'M REALLY HAPPY 4 THEM.

but as i'm still a human, I can't help feeling a lil' bit down.. I did'nt even manage to get myself into TESL...duh~~

above all we had a great time having lunch together at Chicken Hartz- eat n eat till my stomach feels like it's going to explode any second soon~


when i came back home, i straightly went to my room and on my computer, just to check whether the offer letter is out or not..

the letter was finally out

but my expectation that i would get to be in the main campus was totally wrong when I am placed in Puncak Perdana Campus as the letter said so..OH MY~


This 29th of June I will have to register myself at Kampus Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam.
My bedroom will be one of the many small things that i would miss~
Despite all....
This is the beginning of my new journey and I'll put all my effort in it. insyaallah :)
and one thing for sure, I'm going to miss all my teslians friends... wuuuu... I'm already suffering right now..4 missing them.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan ~ TEST~

Warning!!! my story might be disturbing for those who hasn't taken the jpj test yet.

This is the day. The day of my JPJ test..wahahaha... i'd dreamed about this scary day for weeks. I really hoped that i can pass both tests. When we were in the car this morning.. on the way to the driving school, abah gave me some tips about how to control the car whn the car reached the hill. And i felt quite confident with my self. But it was all back then, before i entered the nhr driving school office.. As i entered the office (located at sec 19) to make my payment (RM 130!!!) i heard two aunts and some kakaks were sharing their stories together and their story was somehow scary! I cant help myself to listen to their experiences..wa....there goes my confidence.

We arrived at Seri Muda test center at about 9a.m and we had to queue in a veeeeeery long queue just to register. Looking at the enormous crowd, i prayed hard, hoping that I will not finish mine at 7 p.m. I was asked to wait at Pondok B until they called my name..There I met two new friends. Nashita, she's 18 and Rizwana, (wana) 19 :) they were really helpful in reducing my nervousness..haha..As we were waiting for our name to be called, we talked about everything.. university life, our feelings, ..and we also talked a lot about our favourite driving instructor Mr Tee. (it turns out that the three of us have the same pak cik garang as our instructor) wakakakaka.... it's good to know that there are actually many people suffering like me..having him as the instructor.

While we were all looking at a Kancil car which is struggling to make a move on the stupid hill, Nashita's number was called. The officer told loudly that the person whose number was called had to move to Pondok C to undergo the bukit-parking-three point turn test first. Then he also called my name. OMG! Suddenly i felt my stomach churned. I'm going to die! I'm scared weh. Luckily I had Nashita to speak with..huhu...While waiting for my turn, i looked at other people..and when i looked this time a lot of people failed the bukit test!!!!! Oh my God this is not happening!!!!!!!!!i shout in my own thoughts..weh giler glabah! Looking at people failing is a very good way to lower your confidence. Perfect..just perfect.

They called my name!! before i had the time to calm down my self.. and manage my stress. NO IT'S MY TURN NOW! Feeling helpless and unconfident, i walked forcingly towards the kancil which seemed new but unfortunately it's not as new as it looks. Wawawa... I opened the door, entered the car and drive the car up the stupid hill. The tyres successfully parked on the yellow line..thank God. I pull my handbreak and the JPJ officer asked me "awk nombor berapa?".

"39" i answered.

"alia nadhirah?" he asked again.

"ye betul" i answered him.

"ok, kalau dah bersedia angkat tangan" he said

i raised up my hand..and started doing what i supposed to do (i think..haha..) to move the car down.. actually i had already sensed that i'm going to fail this test...so...congratulation to my correct sense.. i really failed the bukit test. my failure was caused by my bengongness plus the stupid handbrake which refused to move...and not to mention i was really gubra and unconfident. When I thought that the car is ready to move forward, the car betrayed me by reversing backward (a little ok!) when I pulled the handbreak. "Ya Allah, memang fail la ni" And the ofcourse, the officer proudly told me.. "ok, tarik handbreak tu. kamu fail.. dah turun" aish...geram giler ni.

As I saw many people did the "bukit" test 2 times, i asked the officer. "Knape? Saye baru buat bukit sekali je"

Then the officer answered "Memang sekali je. Org yg buat 2 kali tu sebab mase kali pertama, tayar xnaik kat line 2. Kamu xboleh..tayar kamu dah ok. Dah turun cepat."

And I was like "huh?? aish.....geramnye!"

I signed the form..with kandas on it..cis! and asked the officer again whether i can proceed to do the on-the-road test and he said yes u may..

End of the story of my bukit test..and i went back frustratedly to the Pondok B and waited there for my name to be called.

5 minutes later and Nashita came. She passed the parking test. hoorray for her!! We waited for wana to come and decided to buy some drinks first as there were enormous crowd waiting to be called. Wana also failed at the Stupid Bukit..huhu..so I've a friend here...

While we were waiting endlessly under the pondok, we saw many incidents.. most of the incidents were very disturbing. Let me tell u some ok? The first incident involved a girl and her a stern looking jpj's woman officer. The officer never smile, even once..and her looks give people a warning " dont u ever try to mess up with me! ." I mean it! She's the only heartless person I ever saw in my life.. why?? ok, how can she heartlessly failed a girl just because the girl accidentally hit the divider? AND THE POOR GIRL JUST HAD DRIVEN ONLY ABOUT 50M FROM THE STARTING POINT!!! it was just a small mistake and the divider is very low. The poor girl was asked to stop right away and she was instructed to switch place with the officer..which means that the girl had made a mandatory mistake and failed her test. WHAT?? i cant accept it, if i was that girl.. we watched too many people failed in that woman's hands.The three of us gathered our energy and pray hard with all our might. "ya allah please, please, i DONT want to be tested by her." waaaa, i dont know how to describe my feelings.

At last my name was called at about 12 noon. Lucky for me i didn't get that woman officer. Instead, i got a handsome guy as my examiner. He is a stylo man. huhu.. As I entered I said "Assalamualaikum Encik" just like what farah had taught me with the aim to bodek. He asked "Name sape?"

Again, I told my name. And then did all the six items..u know what they r right? Huhu.. I noticed a bad sign.. he also never smile.."aish ade harapan cam nk kantoi je ni.." this time i refuse to believe my sense..gagaga..."alhamdulillah, xmati enjin..dh la cuak nih" as the car successfully moved i cant help to speak in my own world. The journey went quite well until i reached the second roundabout. Huhu.. the car engine went off as i let go the clutch to soon. huish..this seemed like a BIG TROUBLE MAN!! Stupid me. I was so lucky that the guy didnt ask me to park at the side and switch places. aaaahhh.. i was so relieved! i said "maaf ye Encik" n continue driving happily. Oh, there is still a long journey to go! I woke myself up and continue driving. I'd only passed thru 1/10 of the whole route and already i'd made a dangerous mistake. oh no..sigh..

Along the journey, the handsome but heartless officer kept sneering at me. Cis cis cis!!!!!!

Among his sentences "Gear kereta ni ade brape?"

I didnt get what he wanted to say and just answered "5, nape??"

haha..I was driving using the third gear at 40 km/h and was too scared to change the gear into four. Again, another mistake..lalala....

Alhamdulillah, I managed to reach the finishing point.. without switching places :)
My heart was beating like crazy, will i fail again???

ALHAMDULILLAH I PASSED YEAY. as i signed the evaluation form I cant help from glancing at the box..hehe..

here are the comments written on my form=
guna isyarat lampu/tangan=tindakan tidak sempurna
guna brek kaki dan tangan dengan betul=brek tangan lemah
mggunakan gear sesuai mengikut kelajuan=tidak lancar, gear 3 dan 4 tidak sesuai

above all i managed to get 17/20..and also 2 new friends :)

now i have to learn very hard to pass my bukit test.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I love beach!

This little boy is my little brother ayman, we have some similarities right? Hehe..people say we share d same smile. This pic is taken on my mother b'day, 2 days b4 tfinals.

BIG headache!

Last sunday mama suddnly gave me a WORK. ~checking her thesis ...all written in bm (she's a ukm stud) for 50¢ per page, how cool is that huh??..huhu..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Driving class=ARGHH!!!

Today i stupidly had 4gotten 2 bring my L licence..oh, besides hearing the instructor babble about the risk of gettng rm300 fines, i also'd to overcome my fhobia towards driving. I HATE DRIVING CLASSES!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


On 11th May we had celebrated Mother's Day! for Mama of course and here are some of the pictures taken on that day :)

Mmm..the foods sure look delicious. and they taste delicious too!
(Asiari SACC)

Mama is looking at her new handphone..nice present hmm?
my brother can't help to feel excited as well. haha...

no one can ever replace you in this world.
the queen of my HEART

Pn. Wan Nooraini Wan Kamaruddin, a mother of 5 children..

Thursday, May 1, 2008


And the flower blooms..

Crawling among the human, here I am. Trying to find my stand, here I go. Well well, it is quite hard to begin with. The Minggu Mesra Siswa, which is the first university week for all student was quite shocking for me. I never thought that university life would be this hectic. Finishing my high school was quite easy compared to this, where there are thousands of things to be done in my daily schedule. Not just assignments and tests preparations, but also the laundries and daily chores too. All had to be done by myself. Tired, tensed, all feelings are mixed together, not counting the feeling of homesick yet. I am sure that all of you had experienced the same thing as I was. Sometimes, when you feel the tiredness makes your spirit fades, all works turns to a big burden of stones which you would never be able to carry. Never been away from home.. Oh, I really feel like quitting!

“No, no, no. I am not that weak. I can do it, no matter how!” That was the chant that I always repeat again and again. If everyone else could, why couldn’t I? Praying hard to stay strong, I climb up the hill with all my might. As the wheel of time spins, Alhamdulillah, I started to enjoy my university life. The classrooms which used to have gloomy atmosphere, the library which two months ago seems boring, and the lake scenery which had given me some freak doesn’t look like they used to be. By right, they sure look inviting to me now. I love going to classes and listening interesting lectures, enjoy reading expensive and high quality library books, and also go kayaking at the lake whenever I feel like to.

The best thing of all, I really had gotten myself a new family! The close relationship among the classmates had really given me the comfort and the sense of belonging. I am now a family member of UITM Melaka! Of course, there are tonnes and tonnes of challenge that one has to face in their life. As long as a person is breathing, he or she could not get away from having problems. What makes successful people different from losers are the way they handle their problems. To be a strong student, one should have the capabilities to be self-reliant, self-motivated, and self-sufficient. Now I have realised that to adapt yourself, no matter wherever you are, all you need to do is just open your heart and broaden your minds towards new changes and possibilities. The power is actually in your hands.

…And the flower started to bloom,
Showing its proud petals,
Confident of its own strength,
It definitely will give the brightest shine..


Leadership among students

"Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent." (Burns, 1978). Every group, organization, and country has a leader which proves how important the leader’s role is. Clearly, no one could deny the role of being a leader at least once in a lifetime. As students, with tonnes of assignments and projects to be done, having a dependable leader is a must. Students are the future leaders of Malaysia; so, each of them must own good leadership qualities. Leadership in students may be defined clearly through the leadership style, criteria of a good leader, and also the role of leadership among students.

Firstly, there are three styles of leadership that can be applied by students' leader. The first technique is authoritarian leadership which uses autocratic system. This type of leadership produces less creative result as the leader makes the decision alone with little or no ideas from the others. The most effective leadership technique is participative leadership which utilizes democratic concept. The results from this style of leadership are more significant as the decision is made through collaboration between all members,(www.eskimo.com, April 2000). Researchers found that the third style, the delegative leadership was the least dynamic among all. The leader almost does not give any guidance towards the group members and hands the power of making decision to the members. However, this method can be really effective if the group members are knowledgeable than the leader. Students can choose which leadership style to usedepending on the group conditions and capabilities.

Secondly, there are several criteria that a student should possess to be a good leader. A high-quality leader must always be enthusiastic and passionate while doing the job. These positive attitudes will eventually motivate the other members to gain enthusiasm as well. Abraham Maslow felt that human needs were arranged in hierarchical order, (Goble, 2004). As a leader, one must understand those needs such as encouragement and human basic needs, as they are powerful motivators. The second criteria is the leader must be able to set a good example to his followers. For instance, if the group leader is lazy, the other members will tend to be lazy as well. Anexcellent leader works hard or harder than everyone else and thinks creatively different from the others. "Good leaders are made, not born," (Bennis, 1989). An outstanding leader usually has the desire to keep on learning in order to improve the leadership skills. Example of a good leader which gives significant impacts towards the world isProphet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.). On the other hand, the strong leadership and spirit of Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj had brought Malaya towards independence. Therefore, to be a reliable leader, students ought to acquire some leadership skills.

Lastly, leadership plays an important role in students' life. Students need a fine leader as guidance to teach them on how to make the most effective decision and be confident in their own self (Bacal, 2007). Every teacher is actually a leader for students and eventually a good teacher will be able to mould and develop leadership qualities in each of the students as well. In addition, leadership also plays an important role in the process of making proper organization and work delegation especially in group project. An efficient group leader will make sure the tasks are divided equally among all members thus making work progress smoothly producing premium results. To boot, having a considerate leader which practices good leadership skills will ensure that there will be no argument or emotional conflicts between the members. Hence, students' hectic life and study burden can be lessened by having a good leader as their work conductor.

"Leadership is not a science, you can never be sure whether you will reach your goal," (Orans, 1997). The democratic leadership style is the most effective style that can be applied by student leaders. Leadership means colossal responsibilities and only people who own the credibility and never quit learning could be a good leader. Lastly, leadership plays an important role in students' life as it helps to make the students life more organized and less complicated. Without proper guidance, students will feel lost. Leadership might seem like a simple word, but it sure carries an intricate meaning. Students certainly have to pull out a lot of efforts and dig out some courage in order to be a successful leader.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


when can we check the medsi interview date?
some said the date will be announced on 2nd of may 2008, while some said it will be out on 16th of may.. whatever the date is, make sure that you open your eyes wide and be alert yeah!
dont be so worried about the interview as my lecturer said that it is only a personality test..they only want to check whether you have the right personalities as the future educator ..just..be yourself :) plus a little bit of acting of course.. hehe..

Friday, April 25, 2008

The second semester of asasi tesl in uitm melaka had ended...

on the final semester of my asasi i had went through lots of challenges and difficulties.. physically as well as emotionally. alhamdulillah, i guess i had managed to overcome all problems..

and now this is the story of:


we did many big things in our final semester

first there's a sekolah kebangsaan lendu project which involved students from standard 4 and 5
we have to fasilitate them.. play games with them.. eventhough there were quite a number of students who are very low in terms of their english proficiency, all of them showed their enthusiasm while doing activities with us.. oh, being teacher is tiring but above all it is FUN!!
no kidding
while we were doing assignments and sitting for tests, we also had to get prepared for the final drama presentation.. it was the biggest thing that i've done in my life
with no performing experience at all, we were divided into 2 groups and had to stage our drama at melaka city campus. the drama performance, which carries 40 % of language and drama marks had forced us to practice night and day..
oh, i was really tensed back then..
as a production manager,
there were so many things to do..
1st~the drama script which had caused many problems..luckily we've magnificent uncle hussein to make the script a wonder :)
2nd~the actor n actresses, this is another headache since they had first chosen me as the lead actress..seriously, I cant sleep well for many days! really thankful that i got the Melur character instead of being Elisa the rude daughter.. lastly we managed to sort out things. yeah!
elisa-munirah munawwar
elisa's mother-sakinah.. this character is supposely to be acted by fizah who had mysteriously missing during the 3 weeks preparation (that is another long story)
melur-me (i'm pekan sister ok..lol)
mak tanjung-fiqah..seriously, she's a good actress
si tanggang-hussein..besides being a magnificent writer he also can act naturally! (hussein blanje)
tanggang's mother-ninie..wow I salute her a lot, she's the iron lady of our group and her acting was definitely superb~
tanggang's wife-tun.. she had really proved that she can changed when the situation demands her to do so :) go tun!!
tanggang's servant-sakinah..psst, she's our director who had assisted a lot in our acting. thanks saki. i love you!!! muah muah.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

mummy, i want to go hoome!

today i woke up and think, what i need to do for today?
definitely a lot!
1) finish my writing assgnmnt
2)read flower for algernon until finish
3)practice our drama
4)finish the foe interview
5)write the invitation lecturers for tesl lecturers..
i dont know why mylife should alays be depressing. how wonderful would it be if i can just take a week break...just a week rest without having to think about anything besides relaxing activities. i really wanna go hoome. i miss u mama, miss u abah, miss u ayman, atiya, ahyad, nawfal. i really wanna go home and forget about everything else......

owh..what a dream.
i know they wont come true :(

Thursday, February 21, 2008

i miss miss melissa!!!

the lecturer that i adore would be leaving tomorrow. waa! pursuing her study in auckland. it is really hard to let you go miss mel! but one should not be self centered right? i had learnt many things from her. actually teachers play the most important roles in everyones life, besides parents of course. miss mel is an example of a person which had opened up my mind towards different point of view...making me feel grateful for all the things that i already possess. teach me a lot of things about L.I.F.E. she is not only my grammar teacher, she is a sister for me!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

dear dear...

treng teng teng..hello! i love the song by avril lavigne, how does it feel. when i am in a tense situation, this song would totally make me feel stress.haha... i have to settle up many things this week. huhu..so much to do in a very limited time. just finished 2 tests just now. and the grammar test was really tough! alif, moon, hud and me spend the whole afternoon studying the phonetics but unfortunately the phonetic test wasnt as hard as the grammar test. anyway, i had studied grammar with fatin..so i hope our results wouldnt turn us down. huhu....had to finish mr. naza's essay before going to bed..oh, the sk lendu project modules too.. what a wonderful thing to be a college student!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

save our children campaign

really tired, but have lots of fun..hehe
wait 4 the bus at 8a.m, arrived at mahkota parade at 9.45a..m
the most hard part is to attract people to come and sign their pledge..huhu..so much difficulties in giving them the awareness
malaysians need to be more concern about their community!
anyway, looove the day out very much!!! my classmates n i went bowling together. and we eat a lot today! i'm still quite worried for our drama though. really hope that everything would turn up well tomorrow. insyaallah. to nite, i really need to study for the next week test.

Friday, February 15, 2008

my first day blogging!

just writing in her to improve my writing skills. taking tesl means to improve my english language..so I had to speak in english, write in english and even sing english songs. a bit hard for me because malay language is my mother tounge language huhu..

anyway, today is a very sad day for me as this is the last day for miss mellissa in uitm melaka..
next week she will be flying to new zealand.. oh, i will miss her a lot!
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