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"No matter how hard life is, just think positive and you will succeed!" -Aliakamal-

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The fourth day of class

To begin with, i can sense the future procrastination and self pampering that i will soon be doing throughout the whole semester. AND THIS IS NOT GOOD! n much too dangerous for my CGPA.
~~~oh, please believe me that living in own house is the biggest dugaan ever!

Starting from now, i will make it a point to do the given assignment FIRST before heading home. (as mama has suggested)
p/s: berasa ketakutan hanya setelah mendengar penerangan dr othman tentang subjek WEB-ENABLED MULTIMEDIA E-LANGUAGE PRODUCTION

We finally got a class at kenanga..all the classes there used 2 be the students' dorms. it's fortunate that this old building had been painted new. if not..haish

The best thing about uitm is its libraries. i'm not sure yet how many libraries r there in the campus but all i can say is: there are practically books on everything that u can ever think of. i guess that is one of the benefits learning in a university which offers endless list of courses.
many courses=maaany people+maaaaaaaany books! =) heaven!

Talking about Shah Alam main campus, today is my first day driving on my own to class. The experience was quite scary as i'm not an expert..huhu.. there were soo many cars and i'm sure the number will never decreased.. so i've to just live with it (unless i want 2 take the bus which would be very inconvenient as the 15 mnutes journey might end up to 2 hours or more)

There are so many things that i want to explore and i just cant wait to jump into the olympic size swimming pool..hehe.. (planning 2 go with tun as soon as she brings her swimmng suit frm PD ;))

I am currently trying my best to adapt myself to this new hectic environment and is really hoping that things will get much better 4 all of us :)

from left: joel, hazman, azahana, meera, khadijah, maryam, farah, me, and fareha
dining together b4 going back to school~
good luck guys! all the best 2 all of u :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

counting days..

because a new semester is about to begin..yeay!!
(haha.. i'm practising positive thinking ok)
in fact, i'll officially be a third semester student in the next 3 days. wow!!

a new semester means
- i'm nearer 2 the graduation..lol
- i can meet my friends again :)
- i'll stop myself from wasting more time (alaaaaaa...)
- new exciting subjects to be explored =D
- new learning environment to be experienced..wuhhuw

a new semester also marks
- the end of this lovely vacation
- new challenges and problems to be faced

in all, i'll do my best for this new coming semester :)
....work harder, be stronger (it's a must!), avoid last minute work!!!
(or should i just play more in class?? hmm...*grin*)

a small gathering
with beloved schoolfriends

sitting from left: aisyah, wana, salmi
from right: noreha, hazman, joel

Pavilion, KL

more pictures that i just found in my laptop files~

nice bending tree that we met on the journey to terengganu

it's good to have the 'i-am-tall' feeling..haha

i'm still trying to figure out what the boys were doing..lol

this is the sweetest lychee that i'd ever tasted

my last words: transformers is soo cool!
(haha.. tiade kaitan)
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