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Saturday, August 23, 2014

❤ Shikin's Bridal Shower ❤ & Izuana's Birthday Party

Nurul Ashikin: the pretty bride-to-be
My rainbow ❤

It all started with Hazlee's (Shikin's fiancee) bright idea to make Shikin the happiest bride-to-be ever :)

He started planning about few months (maybe 3 months!) earlier, suggesting almost everything: the place, what we should wear and even the menu, photographer and budgeting.
(I know right, what a lucky girl our bestfriend is, she will marry the sweetest man ever *wink*)

Meet Shikin's Mom & Hazlee

So finally, last Saturday, we managed to realise the event - and it was magical :D

16th August 2014
Flora Kafe, Ampwalk

We arrived at about 11.15 am and went straight away to buy a cake, we were lucky that Secret Recipe is located just opposite the cafe but deciding what to write on the cake was a big headache. haha.. At last, we figured to write this:

Pretty right?
Odah . Ona . Alia . Reha

The thing is Shikin was clueless that she's gonna meet us that day.  At that time, her only thought was "I'm in trouble cos I'm late for my lunchdate with Mr Fiancee" ..since the naughty fiancee kept calling her saying that he is already waiting at the restaurant.

And to our greatest pleasure (hehehe..) Shikin was beyond surprised that afternoon.  Surprise berjaya! :D  Instead of seeing her sweetheart, there were us *her sweethearts?* (and her photographer friend, Mr Aswat) with a big cake and huge smiles.

Let the pictures speak for themselves ;)

We are ready to attack the clueless girl ;)
Here we go Geng Mak Jemah! *jeng3*
Berdebar-debar takut lilin padam / Shikin tangkap kami dulu :o
SURPRISEE!!! and we sang Allah Selamatkan Kamu song, just because we wanted to sing a song for Shikin *and can't decide on any other suitable song that everyone knows. lol*
And she was so happy and so surprised that she cried
And we felt a bit guilty, but more to happy actually..haha.. for making her cry
Kenapa korang ada kat sini? *kata shikin*

Okay, shikin kene jadi Miss Universe harini 

Shikin: Want to cry and stay pretty? Ask me how *kidding2*
Lepas Shikin nanges
My current phone wallpaper
The Princesses *berangannnn*
Makanan sampai dah, mari snap picture sebelum kita comot
Cuba teka sapa paling lapar?
Baca doa dulu
Let the feast begin! nyummyy

Muka gembira berjaya abeskan semua makanan

Kami dah abes makan!

Party mood
 More happy pictures :)

Tengok orang skirt oren tu, dia yang semangat suruh orang lompat tapi dia main tipu *not fair! wahahaaha*
Nurul Ashikin Amran, my bestfriend, my teacher, my family 

The funniest picture of the day! :'D
Shikin was throwing the flowers that she hold and we were excitedly trying to catch the flowers but the flowers were not in the picture! hahaha..

We ended as 5 bomoh panggil hujan instead
Miss universe?
.. or Miss Shikin. we love you all the same :)
Candle blowing session 
Ona & Shikin Birthday celebration in advance
Live . Laugh . Love 
Showing off our new skirts. lolol

Let us take a selfie!
and another selfie. lol

The Bride-To-Be: Miss Shikin
The Birthday Girl: Dr Izuana
The Coolest: Miss Raudah
The Funniest One: Miss Noreha
and Me!
I would also love to document this conversation as one of my wonderful memories :)

Message from Mr Mastermind
Raudah's speech
Noreha's special note
and my dedication
Dr Ona's precious words :)


And that night, we were assigned a very important task of food tasting. hahaha.. makan lagi! yeayy :D
Shikin's brother, sis in law and super adorable niece

The food were all very delicious and we were having a peaceful time enjoying our food when suddenly Shikin came with an indian teenager with balloons and flowers.  Hahaha.. This time, we were the clueless ones!  We thought that the flowers and balloons were for her future parents in law or Hazlee, but how wrong were we.  They are for US!  Shikin wanted revenge.

My third time receiving fresh flowers. hehehe.. (the first two were received during convo last 3 years) I am so, so happy!

Meeting kejap
Shikin's mom

Mak Shikin memang terer masak amat.  I used to spend most of my time before SPM at Shikin's house and always looked forward to makan time :D

Kehappyan sepanjang hari sampai susah tidur


As her friend, I really hope that everything will run smoothly for Shikin on her special day that is coming very soon now.  

Be happy Shikin & Hazlee and love each other forever and ever 

To dearest Noreha, Raudah and Ona too, may everything run according to plan ;)

Akhir kata, selamat hari raya dan maaf zahir dan batin semua ❤

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