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Friday, March 11, 2011

Scrumptious western food @ Bigfood TTDI Jaya

Hello readers!

If you are craving for western food, this is the place! :p My post today is actually a review on the Bigfood restaurant located at TTDI Jaya Shah Alam. The restaurant is located quite near to Politeknik and Bukit Jelutong and most importantly, the food served there is delicious and not too expensive since it is not located in a mall. Although the restaurant is quite new, it has already captured its own loyal customers. Do expect crowds especially on weekends.

What makes me proud is it is own and operated by the Malays :)

U may seat outside (fresh air) or inside (air-conditioned). We opt to seat outside that day since it was a breezy night. Credits should be given to the restaurant's homey-western like interior design. I love it! oh, the restaurant is located next to wisma ani sup utara btw.

look at the lamps hanging above the dining tables, cute kan? I wish I have one of those in my bedroom..hehe..

There are two options of portion, normal and big portion - the big portion is ideal for sharing :)

This was our second visit and we ordered fish and chips with coleslaw, grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and salad, lamb shank stew, cordon bleu chicken with fries, and mi hailam with seafood.

Hello nawfal! If u're wondering why are these kerepek on the table, a makcik came just now and sold these to us, 3 packs for rm 10.
cheap+good appetiser=banana chips

hurray! mine came first- grilled chicken and tomato served with extra brown sauce and sautéed carrots & celeries. i cant remember the price tapi belas2 lah.

the fish doesn't smell fishy at all. which i like so much! i think they're using good quality fish. and the crispy batter suits the fish perfectly :) (I don't eat cat fish and many other fresh water fish because they smell fishy, i can't even endure the smell of siakap and dory fish). ni pon harga dia belas2 jugak.

this one of the new items on the menu. the cordon bleu chicken. hehe.. I forgot to snap the beautiful condition of the meal when it first arrived. we were too excited to terjah into the poor chicken. The chicken is wrapped with generous amount of cheese and chicken ham and then fried. It's served with coleslaw and french fries. --harga belas2 nak dekat 20.

lamb shank stew served with lots of veges. the portion was quite big and mama can't finish it without our help. haha.. the lamb meat is very tender and soft, maybe because it was boiled for hours before. but it was really easy to chew..(of course la kan..apela aku merapu). however, mama said that secret recipes' lamb shank taste slightly better (i don't know because I never tasted secret recipes')

abah's seafood hailamese noodle with lots of squids and some prawns. i kind of like this also..hehe.. to be honest it's hard to find something that i dislike (besides freshwater fish). the soy sauce gravy is quite thick and tastes a little bit like the sizzling noodle gravy. the noodle costs below rm10.

besides western food, bigfood also serves local food such as various fried rice, fried noodles and others. it's open from noon till 11.00 pm kot, i'm not so sure.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

of malaysia airports, sunway pyramid and the i-city

These are the pictures that I recently captured. They were first arranged on the powerpoint slides and then copied to be saved as a picture. Pity me because it's too late that I found out that powerpoint is also a great tool for picture editing-though it can't change the picture colours like the photoshop does.

meet mr brian, mdm wan intan (was speaking to someone at that time), mr shahrizan, mrs shamsullaini, miss munirah (hidden), mr gerald, mdm karena and miss baby ayu :)

the largest picture on the left is a picture taken during a lunch treat. we had ayam masak merah, mutton curry (kot) and nasi beriyani. yummy :)

my office environment is very calm and some people may also refer to as scary. usually, not many people are moving around during office hour. the top management area is scarier,the area is huge, quite dimmed with sets of sofa everywhere. no one come upstairs if they don't have any business. then again, it's not scary la alia, it's called sunyi.

meet a jalan-jalan sampai pengsan celebration. I had lotssss of fun on that day :D *SUPER HAPPY*
(I wish i could go outing more frequently with ALL my friends from ALL over the country..but going out sure cost u money-i'm currently saving money for some 'overseas' vacation...ahahaha..oversea la sngt kan)

btw, i'm open anytime for a jogging meeting or library meeting or pasar malam meeting. i miss all the people called friends so much. recently, what i see around are just serious colleagues at work. huhuhu...

no matter how often i visit the i-city, i noticed that there are always something new there. recently my tok cik came and we brought them to this city of lights. one thing for sure, i enjoyed the visit so much that i don't feel bored after hours of exploration..haha.. if i'm not mistaken, i've been to the i-city 10 times already and each time i spent not less than 2 hours there. very tiring i should say but the visit is always rewarding when i managed to capture same really cool pictures there.

btw, i intend to visit the city again when the snowfall machine from korea arrives :D snoowwwyy bebeyh! who wants to join me? hehe..

Monday, March 7, 2011

Are you materialistic?

It cannot be denied that in the world we are living today, money has become a vital necessity to live properly and happily. Be it for accommodation, education, communication, healthcare, food or even public utilities like the public toilets, all of those require us to pay. For that reason, people are becoming more and more conscious about money and this leads to the creation of a materialistic generation.

The huge wave of technology also gives a big impact especially on how people spend to have the most up to date gadgets. Gadgets equipped with the most current technology like the I-phone 4, Blackberry Storm 4, and the new PSP2 are definitely not cheap items and may cost thousands of Malaysian Ringgit. To add, the mushrooming shopping malls in big cities as well as in small towns also influence people to spend more.

It seems that making more money is the only way to support increasing expenditures on most advanced, branded and luxurious goods. Earning money is far more difficult and challenging than spending it. Thus, if the people cannot earn for money themselves, it is a common practice for the women especially to find a partner who can earn lots of money for them. It is extremely hard not to be materialistic especially when you are living in a big city. Money just drains out from the wallet in a blink of an eye. And here is the truth, the cost of living are becoming higher and higher no matter where you live in this world.

There is a famous quote which says ‘it is true that money is not everything but you cannot have anything without money’. Thus, with the non-stop hike in prices of daily goods and other necessities, it is not surprising if people are becoming more materialistic than before.

Looking at the other side, I don't think being materialistic is good. just buy the things that you can afford, but do work hard to get higher pay. what pride do you have in buying and using overpriced items anyway? they are not your creation and they definitely do not last forever. modesty is the best policy. being humble is the key. bertahan alia, bertahan!!

For all moslems, remember that on the Judgement Day, every and every each of our belongings including the tiniest items will be counted and judged (hisab). If you have a lot of things, the longer the process will take. Are you spending your money in accordance to Allah's blessings? You can decide it yourself.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm blogging from the office since I have no work to do yet :D

Yes my friend, it's march already.

So far my internship has progressed quite well and I had learnt so many things. Have I mentioned that the food here are very nice and cheap.. hehe.. that' what I like most about this place. The food.
(Sorry no picture, I just noticed that my Sony USB cable is broken..i mean 'putus'. Lucky that I can borrow the cable from my brother later.)

Being a student, there is always a never ending list of things that I'm worried about. How about sharing some with you? haha

Worry number 1: My research evaluation tool (need to be corrected and distributed to several language experts)

Worry number 2: The research progress as a whole is veeeerry slow. For goodness sake its March already dear Alia!

Worry number 3: The Long Report for practical training-which I haven't started yet.

Worry number 4: My 'Penyelia' is Dr. P! :( And I'm not quite sure what should I do during her visit later. Do I need to show my log book and all the works that I have done here??

Worry number 5: Too much interesting movies and series in my computer. Should I just delete these distractions?

Worry number 6: The crazy cat at my rental house. Why should I worry about the adorable harmless creature? Because it loves to chase me! I'm going crazy as well. Silly me for being scared of cats, but I can't control myself you know.

Worry number 7: Why do I have so much too worry about? This is worrying me as well.

Hahaha.. I think I should stop worrying and start working on those things I'm worried about.

Live a carefree life, no more!

That's my update for now. Take care friends, and work hard :)
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