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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I wanna be a TV..

Oh God, today I'm asking you something very special:

Turn me into a television.

I want to take its place. Live like the TV in my house. Have my own special
place, and have my family around ME.

To be taken seriously when I talk....

I want to be the Center of attention and be heard without interruptions or

I want to receive the same special care that the TV receives when it is not

Have the company of my dad when he arrives home from work, even when he is

And I want my mom to want me when she is sad and upset, instead of ignoring
me... and... I want my brothers and sister to fight to be with me... I want to feel that
family just leaves everything aside, every now and then, just to spend some
time with me.

And last but not least make it that I can make them all happy and entertain

God I don't ask you for much... I just want to live like every TV.

Adapted from a post that I read in someone's blog

Saturday, April 23, 2011

the school and i :)

Entry ini adalah berkisar tentang memori yang tak dapat dilupakan sewaktu bersekolah di kampung tanpa ibu bapa di sisi. Kepada sesiapa yang berminat nak masuk pertandingan ni bolehla tekan sini. Syarat2 pertandingan semua ade kat situ. Hanya ceritakan tentang pengalaman korg masa kecik2 dulu :)

saya tag cik wan ainol, cik hidayah dan encik syahmi


All of the sudden, I think I miss my school years. The years full of fun and exploration.

The first formal class that I went was at Taska Abim Masjid Ubudiah. hehe.. Our free time would be used to play run-and-catch around the mosque. We were often scolded by an uncle for making too much noise :(

During recess, we would have food like nasi lemak or mihun goreng with teh o. The best thing was, sometimes, the pakcik roti would come to us bringing lots of junkfood on his motorcycle and all I would buy was a keropok masuk angin perisa coklat yang dapat hadiah free gigi drakula tu. Although I can't remember much of what I've learnt there, the school was an awesome place for my early education..walaupun selalu kene berdiri atas kerusi sebab tak hafal perkataan bahasa arab.. :(

Sekolah Kebangsaan Methodist Parit Buntar (1997)

The above, ladies and gentleman, was my first school.

When mama had to further study overseas, my siblings and I were transported to Parit Buntar. We stayed with the grandparents for about one year. It was my first experience going to primary school and I went there without my parents T_T
What I love there?: Its FOOD :D I love going to the small window at the side of the canteen and order " makcik, saya nak nasik ayam!". Nasi ayam actually refers to plain white rice with ayam masak kicap banyak kuah yg harganya sepinggan 60 sen. All I remembered was, I never come home with extra cash, even 10 cents. pemboros kan? haha.. *u don't have to tell the world that u really like to eat alia, they knew already!* Oh, besides that, I also love the cosy drawing class :) I had fun fun fun with my friends! In the drawing class, we would sit on the floor and draw on the Japanese table sharing the same bottles of watercolour together.
Most scary experience: Being injected twice for immunisation. Before being called to the school clinic, my friends were all showing their scared face saying "misi mai dah, misi mai dah!!". The naive me didn't know what 'misi' means until I saw what the misi was holding! The injection syringe T_T. Yeah, because I'm a girl, I was injected twice. I really wished that I can be a boy back then! hmmph..

My weird behaviour: I loved to buy hansaplast (plaster yg utk luka2 tu) at the bookshop. One priced at 10 cents..maybe during that time I dreamed to be a doctor. Whenever someone had a small cut, I would happily give a piece of plaster to that person. weirdo..
What I really2 can't forget?: In my class, there was a boy name Faiz (if i'm not mistaken), he's the class monitor. and he told the prefect monitoring our class (kakak senior kot) that of all the girls in the class, he likes me the most! . hehe.. he's quite cute, so I was very happy. kecik2 lagi dah pandai weh, tengok jam pon xreti, kire duit pon salah2!

I went to the sekolah agama in the evening. It doesn't have a canteen yet when I was there. An auntie would ride a bicycle with a push-cart attached to it and fed us with many many junkfood and fried mihun if I'm not mistaken. I rode a bicycle to the evening school, however, whenever it rains, my grandma would ask her neighbour's son-a boy 2 years older to fetch me. I don't know what's the reason since he was also riding a bicycle and not car! I was drenched in rain anyway. lol!

This, everyone, was a part of my experience while being in standard 1. Thanks for reading! :D

Oh, by the way, I moved back to the school near my house in Standard 2.

Monday, April 18, 2011

INTERVIEWS: aren't they exciting?


Believe it or not, I've been to quite a number of interviews since I was 12. Ok, let's have a look at some :)

1. Prefect interview (SMKS 19) - i was 12
(failed because the interviewer said I don't get enough vitamins-i was very small T_T)
2. MARA (PILN) interview (UniKL) - i was 16
(receive an offer to further studies in ACCA-CAT, not TESL. I rejected the offer since I was already happy in UiTM's Asasi Tesl)
3. Pre-TESL interview (INTEC) - i was 16
(passed! hurray :D)
4. Medsi interview (INTEC) - i was 17
(i didn't know the interview result)
5. SMF interview (kenanga, UiTM) - i was 20
(passed! hurray :D)
6. YLS interview (APB, UiTM) - this month
(haven't received the result yet but the possibility of getting the offer is 0.1% T_T)
7. YTL interview (J.W. Marriot) - this month
(haven't received the result yet)

Answering interview questions are very challenging. It requires you to think fast and give smart ideas. In most interviews, what you have in the paper-the cgpa, the certificates, etc..are not going to help much. Sometimes they don't even bother to look thru them.

They are evaluating you. The way you carry yourself and your spoken English (for interview conducted in English). Believe me, Good English matters!

Although it is better to succeed rather than fail, do not look at the failures negatively. Keep improving your communication skills.

For me, each interview that I attended gave different new knowledge, exposure and experience.

Footnote: I'm going to attend another big interview this coming wednesday. I really hope that I can perform well. All the best Alia! and to readers who are going for interview, GOOD LUCK!

Footnote2: Now, I'm determined that I'm going to work after I completed this semester.

today's plan

i'm off to uitm's dental clinic - continue writing FYP at uitm/somewhere near - fetch ayman from school - go to dr dinna's class - come back home and continue authoring FYP.

Dear allah, please give me strength to complete my FYP fast.

footnote: the sky is so dark outside.. and I perfectly know that I should work harder.

thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top universities, colleges in Malaysia 2011

629Universiti Sains Malaysia 1

694Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 2

731Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 3

771Universiti Putra Malaysia 4

788University of Malaya 5

995Universiti Malaysia Perlis 6

1126Multimedia University 7

1133Universiti Teknologi Mara 8

1344Universiti Malaysia Pahang 9

1491International Islamic University of Malaysia * 10

1572Universiti Utara Malaysia 11

1838Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia 12

1838Universiti Tenaga Nasional 13

1862Universiti Malaysia Sabah 14

2106Open University Malaysia 15

2127University of Nottingham Malaysia 16

2154Universiti Teknologi Petronas 17

2274Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia 18

2993Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris 19

3333Taylor's University College 20

3450Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka 21

3847Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman 22

3859Universiti Malaysia Terengganu 23

4571Universiti Malaysia Sarawak 24

5011Universiti Tun Abdul Razak * 25

5068Monash University Malaysia 26

5266Universiti Industri Selangor 27

5375Wawasan Open University 28

5528UCSI University 29

5554Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus 30

6117Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology 31

6628International Medical University 32

6716Help University College 33

6795Tunku Abdul Rahman College 34

6809Al Madinah International University 35

6867Universiti Kuala Lumpur 36

6995National Defence University of Malaysia 37

7003Segi College 38

7027Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (Universiti Darul .. 39

7209Universiti Malaysia Kelantan 40

7608Limkokwing University of Creative Technology * 41

7826KDU College 42

7991Selangor International Islamic University College 43

8326Sunway University College 44

8529Malaysia Theological Seminary 45

8705Malaysia University of Science & Technology 46

8772Olympia College Malaysia 47

8864Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus 48

9345Malaysian Institute of Management 49

9479University of Malaya Medical Center & Faculty of M.. 50

9541INSANIAH University College 51

9879Taman Pertanian University 52

9897Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College 53

9911International Centre for Education in Islamic Fina.. 54

10114Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia 55

10143Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences 56

10169Disted-Stamford College 57

10169Berjaya University College of Hospitality 58

10281Asia e University 59

10425KBU International College 60

10831New INTI College 61

11254TATI University College 62

11571Nilai International College 63

11889Asia Pacific University College of Technology & In.. 64

11975AIMST University 65

This is the current ranking. If u care to notice, the ranks are still very low! >600 in the world?? Work harder young students! We can beat 'em! :D


I'm a new student of UBM!

This is probably the newest uni in Malaysia. If you are interested to be enrolled in the malaysia most sempoi university, click here.

As a new student, i will proudly do some simple intro

1. I'm alia and my blog name is very long 'Colours, dark or bright, make the world beautiful'

2. I started blogging on Feb 2008

3. Many people blog to search for extra income and share interest. Actually, blog is a very powerful tool. It can be read by the whole world, and if you are someone influential like Tun Mahathir, you can just blog your opinion out. No need to call for press conference anymore. Being a simple person, I blog so that I can keep my memories somewhere and keep in touch with friends :)

4. This IPTM, Universiti Blogger Malaysia, should be a cool place for Malaysian blogger to mingle together sharing interest and opinions. And being a university, I hope I can learn something valuable from UBM.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Potato Crazy World ! (Duniaku Yang Gila Kentang!)

I have got 1001 stories to tell. I just don't know where to begin. LIFE OH LIFE.

To conclude, EVERYTHING is happening so fast!!

1. Tomorrow is my Pre-graduation Dinner! (i feel old)

2. I had a chance to be interviewed for YSL. (the call was received 2 hours b4 interview and I had to do 'mock teaching')----seriously, i know i would not be able to get the scholarship but it was a nice experience.

3. I have started receiving calls and email for work interviews :)---(thanks to the recent job fair at PWTC and mr brian's recommendation letter)

Do pray the best for me..and for u..oh and for the entire human race. Good night people!

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