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Friday, March 11, 2011

Scrumptious western food @ Bigfood TTDI Jaya

Hello readers!

If you are craving for western food, this is the place! :p My post today is actually a review on the Bigfood restaurant located at TTDI Jaya Shah Alam. The restaurant is located quite near to Politeknik and Bukit Jelutong and most importantly, the food served there is delicious and not too expensive since it is not located in a mall. Although the restaurant is quite new, it has already captured its own loyal customers. Do expect crowds especially on weekends.

What makes me proud is it is own and operated by the Malays :)

U may seat outside (fresh air) or inside (air-conditioned). We opt to seat outside that day since it was a breezy night. Credits should be given to the restaurant's homey-western like interior design. I love it! oh, the restaurant is located next to wisma ani sup utara btw.

look at the lamps hanging above the dining tables, cute kan? I wish I have one of those in my bedroom..hehe..

There are two options of portion, normal and big portion - the big portion is ideal for sharing :)

This was our second visit and we ordered fish and chips with coleslaw, grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and salad, lamb shank stew, cordon bleu chicken with fries, and mi hailam with seafood.

Hello nawfal! If u're wondering why are these kerepek on the table, a makcik came just now and sold these to us, 3 packs for rm 10.
cheap+good appetiser=banana chips

hurray! mine came first- grilled chicken and tomato served with extra brown sauce and sautéed carrots & celeries. i cant remember the price tapi belas2 lah.

the fish doesn't smell fishy at all. which i like so much! i think they're using good quality fish. and the crispy batter suits the fish perfectly :) (I don't eat cat fish and many other fresh water fish because they smell fishy, i can't even endure the smell of siakap and dory fish). ni pon harga dia belas2 jugak.

this one of the new items on the menu. the cordon bleu chicken. hehe.. I forgot to snap the beautiful condition of the meal when it first arrived. we were too excited to terjah into the poor chicken. The chicken is wrapped with generous amount of cheese and chicken ham and then fried. It's served with coleslaw and french fries. --harga belas2 nak dekat 20.

lamb shank stew served with lots of veges. the portion was quite big and mama can't finish it without our help. haha.. the lamb meat is very tender and soft, maybe because it was boiled for hours before. but it was really easy to chew..(of course la kan..apela aku merapu). however, mama said that secret recipes' lamb shank taste slightly better (i don't know because I never tasted secret recipes')

abah's seafood hailamese noodle with lots of squids and some prawns. i kind of like this also..hehe.. to be honest it's hard to find something that i dislike (besides freshwater fish). the soy sauce gravy is quite thick and tastes a little bit like the sizzling noodle gravy. the noodle costs below rm10.

besides western food, bigfood also serves local food such as various fried rice, fried noodles and others. it's open from noon till 11.00 pm kot, i'm not so sure.


Qamarul said...

its my favourite place too.. sometime i go there just for a drinks.. love the plce.. love the interior, cool place to hang out.. tmpat pun tak bising sgt..

tapi kan kalau waktu awal2 dulu.. set yg bigfood tu equavalent utk 3 pax tau.. now die wat utk 2 pax jer..

alia nadhirah said...

really? yes, i think it's a cool place too :D

oh, we have never ordered the bigfood set. xtaw pon. thanks 4 the info yeah :)

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