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Monday, April 18, 2011

INTERVIEWS: aren't they exciting?


Believe it or not, I've been to quite a number of interviews since I was 12. Ok, let's have a look at some :)

1. Prefect interview (SMKS 19) - i was 12
(failed because the interviewer said I don't get enough vitamins-i was very small T_T)
2. MARA (PILN) interview (UniKL) - i was 16
(receive an offer to further studies in ACCA-CAT, not TESL. I rejected the offer since I was already happy in UiTM's Asasi Tesl)
3. Pre-TESL interview (INTEC) - i was 16
(passed! hurray :D)
4. Medsi interview (INTEC) - i was 17
(i didn't know the interview result)
5. SMF interview (kenanga, UiTM) - i was 20
(passed! hurray :D)
6. YLS interview (APB, UiTM) - this month
(haven't received the result yet but the possibility of getting the offer is 0.1% T_T)
7. YTL interview (J.W. Marriot) - this month
(haven't received the result yet)

Answering interview questions are very challenging. It requires you to think fast and give smart ideas. In most interviews, what you have in the paper-the cgpa, the certificates, etc..are not going to help much. Sometimes they don't even bother to look thru them.

They are evaluating you. The way you carry yourself and your spoken English (for interview conducted in English). Believe me, Good English matters!

Although it is better to succeed rather than fail, do not look at the failures negatively. Keep improving your communication skills.

For me, each interview that I attended gave different new knowledge, exposure and experience.

Footnote: I'm going to attend another big interview this coming wednesday. I really hope that I can perform well. All the best Alia! and to readers who are going for interview, GOOD LUCK!

Footnote2: Now, I'm determined that I'm going to work after I completed this semester.


tot tot kecik said...


waah gud luck alia..!! :)
alia msti boleh punyer..

alia nadhirah said...

terima kasih cik dayah. insyaallah, i'll try my best. masalah skrg xtaw nk pakai baju ape..haha..saya kan budak comot

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