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"No matter how hard life is, just think positive and you will succeed!" -Aliakamal-

Saturday, September 6, 2008


BECAUSE i CANT think of ANYTHING ELSE i would like to write my things-to-do list here

1) prepare for critical thinking test-introduction 2 critical thinking n logical fallacies

2)discuss critical thinking assignment~def n example

3)presentation skills-prepare for phobia among children presentation~1 main point and power point slides

4)correct dr. azni's 3 essays~especially conclusion for the uniqueness of durian essay

5)prepare for the language arts test~reported speech and paraphrasing

6)intellectual discourse-presentation cant make my mind on the topic yet!!!!! die died dead! just pray that i can do well

7)grammar book finish the whole chapter about the noun phrase

8)mandarin test~learn chapter 1 until 8!! listen to the oral test in the cd given as well

9)ask parents about *********** (something very important)

please please please pray for me

especially for the 2 presentations

i'm not kidding, i'm terrified of these assignments!
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