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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Food makes u a happy person-if it doesn't make u fat..haha..

Hello everyone!

Today we are going to learn about alia's favourite food. Hope you'll learn something new today ;)

FROM ALIA'S KITCHENshepherd's pie
i made this during the first week of Ramadhan.. found the recipe on the internet. credits to mak teh jah who first introduced this easy-to-make-but-very-delicious pie! got the recipe here

egg tars
on the same day, we (ayman n me) also baked some egg tarts! ayman has been asking me to make these since after sahur.. no choice then. actually, this was my first attempt doing egg tarts and shepherd's pie. xsangka berjaya..haha...(ketawe gembira..walaupun xcantik tart tu). i got the recipe here

we also love to play barbecue during weekends-these are sweet potatoes
haha! i love sweet potatoes :D

1.Anggerik International Cafe UiTM Shah Alam (the one at UiTM's International Center)

I like to eat here bcos:
i-the food is nice-taste n presentation
ii-the price is affordable (can be considered as cheap considering the hotel like environment and its good service)
iii-western food is my favourite
iv-it's very near to my faculty. haha..

to all friends who have never been here, do tell me. i will treat u if i've extra money. otherwise, ape salahnye blanje me skali-skala.. ;)

chicken porridge RM4.00
i love the fish porridge better :) it has crispy fish fillet! nyumm :)
the porridge comes with yellow ginger sambal

Chili cheese fries RM 5.90 (newest on the menu)
this is a must order! the portion is quite big-meant for sharing :) the fries are topped with chicken tomato sauce (i think it's the same sauce used for chicken spaghetti bolognese) and of course loads of cheeeeeese!! hehe...

the thing that i don't like about the place is.. the operating hours..huhu.
the cafe is managed mostly by students
it only opens on weekdays at 8.30 a.m until 7.30p.m.

2. Asiari, SACC Shah Alam
The food here is quite expensive for a student like me. Nevertheless, indulging yourself once in a while after working hard at school is not a sin right? ;)

located at the heart of shah alam, asiari can be categorised as an exclusive eating place offering food from vietnam, thailand, and malaysia. i think some of the food have been modified to suit our taste-buds.

seafood noodle RM 10 .90(if i'm not mistaken)
the noodle has a distinctive authentic taste that makes it so delicious. slightly hot & sweet, it is suitable for children and adults alike. the seafood combination includes-squid, prawn, and fish. nyumm! u'll be surprise how crunchy the veggies r :)

meat cooked with lotus root served with rice
this menu is quite nice for those who loves sweet and spicy dishes. the lotus root is actually pickled root thus it will leave ur this tongue tingling with its sweet and sour taste. the sauce makes the dish quite spicy and the slices of meat are tender. this dish comes with salad and some sweet pickles (made of papaya-i think).

also, this is nini's favourite :) according to her, she never ordered anything accept for this. haha.. i can't blame her because the menu at asiari is very different from other common restaurants in malaysia. if u ordered something that u are not familiar with, u might be disappointed with what u get. true enough kan?

other favourite menus include:
lemongrass chicken chop with rice-u'll also get a sunny side up egg
percik chicken with butter rice
mutton curry with rice
pineapple fried rice
sweet n sour fish lunch set
favourite appetiser-mango shrimp roll

the thing that i don't like about the place is.. the price of the drinks..huhu
i often order chinese tea/mineral water.
if i feel like saving, i'll puchase canned drink at Giant first ..(haha..savingla kot in a way)

PICTURES BELOW are FEW OTHERS (note my pragmatics..hoho) listed on my FAVOURITE FOOD LIST. =D

sarawak's terubuk masin served with rice, ulam (salad), sambal belacan, and a special chili sauce
d picture was taken at Kuching food court-the one that we have to cross the river first by riding on a small-long boat.

buffet spread! i love buffet so much :) haha.. cm tamak je ni
d picture was taken at Chicken Hartz, Mid Valley

indonesian food ..maybe i'm too influence with the cookings of my previous indonesian maids..haha..trust me, indonesia is a food paradise in which you can find food anytime every where! last time we went to medan, many of the hawkers bring along the cooking gas, wok, ingredients and all on their small carts. and believe me they push the carts everywhere to search for hungry people. you may also find satay, rojak, bakso, and even drinks pushcarts! my favourite drink is jus alpokat which is actually the juice made of avocado with chocolate taste with it.
d picture taken at sari ratu, subang parade-buka puasa spread

all nuts, chocolates, and sweets
d picture taken was tok timah's box of nuts

tomato sauce mee
this is another one of kuchings' specialty. picture taken at a foodcourt in a mall that i cnt remember its name located opposite my hotel in kuching.

perda's BIG currypuff
introduced by ateh. extremely good and u'll be full in no time. haha..the currypuffs come together with bawang murtabak (the one that's red in colour). there are three choices of currypuffs-sardines, chicken, and meat. picture taken at perda, penang.

perda's siput belutong masak lemak with pineapple
ni mmg sedap giler!! haha..thanks to ateh for giving us these for a house warming gift :D

mintak ampun maaf zahir dan batin ya semua :)

highest row: from left ain, me, atiya, ahyad
second highest row: iman, nawfal, idin
second front row: ayman, arab, fateha
front row: zufairah n syahid

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