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"No matter how hard life is, just think positive and you will succeed!" -Aliakamal-

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm blogging from the office since I have no work to do yet :D

Yes my friend, it's march already.

So far my internship has progressed quite well and I had learnt so many things. Have I mentioned that the food here are very nice and cheap.. hehe.. that' what I like most about this place. The food.
(Sorry no picture, I just noticed that my Sony USB cable is broken..i mean 'putus'. Lucky that I can borrow the cable from my brother later.)

Being a student, there is always a never ending list of things that I'm worried about. How about sharing some with you? haha

Worry number 1: My research evaluation tool (need to be corrected and distributed to several language experts)

Worry number 2: The research progress as a whole is veeeerry slow. For goodness sake its March already dear Alia!

Worry number 3: The Long Report for practical training-which I haven't started yet.

Worry number 4: My 'Penyelia' is Dr. P! :( And I'm not quite sure what should I do during her visit later. Do I need to show my log book and all the works that I have done here??

Worry number 5: Too much interesting movies and series in my computer. Should I just delete these distractions?

Worry number 6: The crazy cat at my rental house. Why should I worry about the adorable harmless creature? Because it loves to chase me! I'm going crazy as well. Silly me for being scared of cats, but I can't control myself you know.

Worry number 7: Why do I have so much too worry about? This is worrying me as well.

Hahaha.. I think I should stop worrying and start working on those things I'm worried about.

Live a carefree life, no more!

That's my update for now. Take care friends, and work hard :)


~epc members~ said...

haha, pretty much the same with all of us here, alia...
a lot to worry, and a whole lot more to do! but we'll strive to the end, God willing...amin

alia nadhirah said...

epc: this is sinah right? hehe..thanks 4 the support, we sure will. amiiiin

~epc members~ said...

alia, the above comment was not from sinah...can you guess who am I...huhu

alia nadhirah said...

epc: it's from kak farha is it?? wahwah..miteri nusantara nih. hehe..

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