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Thursday, January 20, 2011


OK. This is serious. What do I have in mind for my future?

Name: Alia Nadhirah
Age: 21
Current status: An intern at MAHB

Although life doesn't necessarily follow the plan that we prepared, we'r not going to loose anything for having one right?

I do believe in qada' & qadar but then again, everyone should try their best and work hard to achieve their ambitions in life.. and consequently the ultimate goal afterlife.

So, my future plans would be:
1. Get a scholarship from uitm/kpt and further my studies in EPC @ APB UiTM
2. Work as an educator for a year, gain lots of experience and further studies in the area i'm truly interested in
3. Work at a big company for several years, gain experiences, study abroad under the company's scholarship

I prefer the 2nd option actually, but we'll see how it goes :)

Oh, why don't i have the option of finding a boyfriend and just get married? Seems to be more fun and requires less work right?
hmmm...life is not that easy.

To find an ideal man is an extremely complicated and complex task..
I will not ask for more..just someone who dutifully fulfills his obligations towards Allah and if possible a person slightly better than me ..not necessarily in academic.

I think i'd rather wait then.




tot tot kecik said...


waah yg last tu..boyfriend..??

okey alia..semoga segala2 nye yg alia ingin lakukan, berjalan dengan lancar hendaknye dan tercapai segala2 nye..

pape pn..i love u.. :)

alia nadhirah said...

hai dayah!

skadar gurauan je la. hhaaha..

amin, mari kte berusaha utk mncapai cita2 :)

i love u more dayah!!

Anwar Zeb said...

ohh that's great Planes. I hope u will fulfill ur Future Plans.. and u are telling about ur Choice, mean the one u will marry, ur choice is really Great.. I will pray for u to find ur Life Partner as u described here in ur Blog... Best of Luck...

alia nadhirah said...

hehe..thank u so much anwar. i really appreciate that! :D

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