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Thursday, June 16, 2011

UiTM Final Examination Result 17 June 2011


Insyaallah, this would be the last time I get to feel the nervousness and the anxiousness of receiving THE RESULT.

2 Semesters of Asasi + 6 Semesters of Degree = 8 times of checking result experience

I can be considered an expert huh?

As an expert, I advice you to go to bed and have some sleep. When you wake up in the morning, directly check your e-mail - the e-mail which you have registered with UiTM. Less stressful.

If the result is not sent to your mailbox, then only you go to the student portal and check.

Whatever it is, congratulations in advance to all my friends all around Malaysia! I know that you have given your best.

Especially dedicated to my beloved coursemates:

1. Congratulations for graduating
2. Congratulations for getting a better result than the previous one
3. Congratulations for having the AD status on the slip
and last but not least
4. Congratulations to those who make it for ANC Award

Our convocation will be held on October! cant' wait!

These are some of the pictures that I love..
ditangkap semasa sedang bergelut menempuhi onak duri ranjau kehidupan


Asasi TESL Melaka 07/08: group picture with Madam Angeline

beloved friends: went separate ways during degree :(

equatorial hotel melaka: attended dinner for the first time-organised by b.ed tesl students


sem 4? can't remember

gaining new experience, meeting new friends and enjoying self: one malaysia project :)

semester 6: last class

the last dinner: pre-graduation dinner

my thesis..hurray!

and finally today - my final CGPA
i'm praying for the best .. takut oh

Here, I would like to extend my utmost appreciation to:

Datin Dr Hajibah
Dr Mazli
Dr Dinna
Dr Chai
Dr Nor Azni
Dr Bernadette
Dr Saidatul
Dr Othman
Dr Cynthia
Dr Hawa
Dr Paramjeet
Dr Krishna
Dr Ramesh
Mdm Noraini
Mr Rosman
Mr Alfred
Cheun Heng Huat Laoshi
Chan Laoshi
Dr Azrina
Pn Zarohan
Mr Hasman
Mr Reza
Mr Akhbar

also to my Asasi TESL lecturers
late Mr Ishak
Mdm Nisa
Mr Naza
Miss Siti
Miss Mellisa
Mr Razif
Mdm Geraldine
Mdm Angeline
Mdm Nagamany
Ustazah Normala
Ustaz Ayob

and all lecturers who have guided me throughout the journey

Dear beloved lecturers,

I am no one without you. Thank you so much for everything, I will never be able to repay your generosity and kindness. I love you all so much! :')

mama, abah, i love u too! :D

thanks for reading! :)


Syahmi said...

awww suka dong kita post ni! :)))
congrats alia for graduating!

alia kamal said...

kite pon suka!! haha..
thank u so much mr syahmi :D

aLieF si Muncung ManiS said...

tahniah....msti result gmpak kn??? best nye dah grade

alia kamal said...

thanks alief :)

result alhamdulillah la..good enough to make me happy.

i believe u will be a good doctor someday. blaja rajin2 :D

Anonymous said...

I really like yours site. keep it as is.

alia kamal said...

thanks mr anon, i really appreciate your comment :)

saki said...

oh lolol, nostalgic pang hits me hard. Got sucker punched by the pic XD

Gambar tu...Fatin dengan baju batik tak payah iron. Nak!

alia kamal said...

haha.. saki, dwelling in memories is what i'm good at.

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