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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

of malaysia airports, sunway pyramid and the i-city

These are the pictures that I recently captured. They were first arranged on the powerpoint slides and then copied to be saved as a picture. Pity me because it's too late that I found out that powerpoint is also a great tool for picture editing-though it can't change the picture colours like the photoshop does.

meet mr brian, mdm wan intan (was speaking to someone at that time), mr shahrizan, mrs shamsullaini, miss munirah (hidden), mr gerald, mdm karena and miss baby ayu :)

the largest picture on the left is a picture taken during a lunch treat. we had ayam masak merah, mutton curry (kot) and nasi beriyani. yummy :)

my office environment is very calm and some people may also refer to as scary. usually, not many people are moving around during office hour. the top management area is scarier,the area is huge, quite dimmed with sets of sofa everywhere. no one come upstairs if they don't have any business. then again, it's not scary la alia, it's called sunyi.

meet a jalan-jalan sampai pengsan celebration. I had lotssss of fun on that day :D *SUPER HAPPY*
(I wish i could go outing more frequently with ALL my friends from ALL over the country..but going out sure cost u money-i'm currently saving money for some 'overseas' vacation...ahahaha..oversea la sngt kan)

btw, i'm open anytime for a jogging meeting or library meeting or pasar malam meeting. i miss all the people called friends so much. recently, what i see around are just serious colleagues at work. huhuhu...

no matter how often i visit the i-city, i noticed that there are always something new there. recently my tok cik came and we brought them to this city of lights. one thing for sure, i enjoyed the visit so much that i don't feel bored after hours of exploration..haha.. if i'm not mistaken, i've been to the i-city 10 times already and each time i spent not less than 2 hours there. very tiring i should say but the visit is always rewarding when i managed to capture same really cool pictures there.

btw, i intend to visit the city again when the snowfall machine from korea arrives :D snoowwwyy bebeyh! who wants to join me? hehe..


tot tot kecik said...


oo best nye tmpt prktikal..

alia alia jom g i-city pastu bwk sorg photographer..biar die je tgkp gmbr kte byk2..bleh wt kngn.. :p

alia nadhirah said...

hai cik dayah!

tempat praktikal tu ok la, kalau ade awk lagi best. hehe..

haah kan. hidayah, kte tuggu smpai salji da turun, pastu kte masuk tmpat yg kne byr 25 ringgit tu ok?

mula2 kte kne tangkap photographer dlu..haha..

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