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"No matter how hard life is, just think positive and you will succeed!" -Aliakamal-

Friday, April 3, 2009


yes, i've decided that i should change my style of writing. i need to be more matured.but then again, is being matured really matters? will people die if they don't make serious faces??
i wonder....

true, I'm a good pretender. so what? i'm happy to be a pretender..smiling and all..as long as everyone can's see me how chaotic my mind is, how unhappy i am.
p/s: (sorry nini, i didn't mean 2 make u worry. am not able to pretend in front of u..huhu)

my point is, making sulky faces would not help you to settle any problems but it may instead make people feel worried.. why on earth do i want people to feel uneasy because of me?!
so i choose to be an actress. even in my real life. and i have been acting since forever.

so join my boat. be a good pretender...and JUST SMILE to others when others smile at you. even if there are thousands of things bothering your mind.. it really wont hurt to smile.

another thing, i don't dedicate this post to anyone. i just want people to understand that pretending can be a good act. it can sooth peoples' hearts. don't u think so?

right now i really hope that i don't have any assignments. but sadly i do have many. therefore i have to pretend that i'm not worried, i'm not tired, i am happy!

dont worry friends, i'm fine.

I'm just tired.very. full stop.


Pancasara said...

Sori mencelah...tapi kenapa tajuk 'crushing cockroaches'?

'Mask' memang wajib dipakai setiap masa! Org yang tunjukkan emosi sebenar is a weak people. Conceal your emotion...that's one of the laws of power.

Jadi, senyum selalu. Smile is a curve that can make everything go straight. Yeah!

munieyra ruslan said...

alia, ingatkan ni entri anti cokroaches

tapi bukan

alia, whatever it is, we love you and the way you are.tak perlu nak change ur way of writng for the sake of being matured.

teruskan lakonan and i love you forever!!life is a play anyway.=)

noidentity said...

ya melur..

we luv u.

whatever it is...u r still our budak kecik. hahahaha

kan budak2 tesl2 melaka sekalian??

Alep said...

aku pon plik gak
aku ingatkan cam entry iklan racun serangga ke, seruan hapuskan cockroaches, kempen kew
asal lari tajuk nih?

asal lak nak tukar style of writing
I'm a year older than u and prangai cam sial lgi tuh
sometimes, being older is just an excuse to act as a child

alia nadhirah said...

first of all,
i love all of u so much
actually i feel so geram and that tym
so i think the topic suits my current feelings.
it's kind of funny when i read it back

thank u for being so supportive :)

another thing is, i really hope i can win an academy for my acting..haha..

noidentity said...

yaa alia..

i'll ask mr rosdin to nominate you as the best actress. ;p

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