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Monday, January 5, 2009

Tagged by Teacher Hud and Ninie

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a note about 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. In the end, choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1. I've performed umrah with my grandparents, 2 cousins, and paksu in the year 2007. The priceless experience was given by Opah as my spm present. I love you opah :)

2. Have too many passions in life. English language, eating good food (spicy food..yum!), music, shopping, reading , watching korean dramas (currently watching spring waltz) and nice movies (the last movie was cape of 7) ...just to name a few =)

3. My new year resolution is to work harder in my studies as well as do more ibadah, insyaallah.

4. Reminiscing always makes me smile even when i feel down. Often, it is a pleasure to dwell in the memories. It's quite easy to forget a person's name, but it's not that easy to forget the memories u share with him/her.

5. I'm a forgetful person, i only remembered the things that i choose to remember. So, if u have done something wrong to me, don't worry =) i'll not remember any of it. For me life is so short that u can't waste any second thinking about burdening things.

6. 1997 is the year that i dislike the most. in that year my mother went to america to pursue her studies and we (alia,atiya,ahyad) had to stay in kampung.. i missed my parents so much that i often cried for unreasonable things.

7. Also, when i was 7 at methodist primary school...I've once had a sort-of-boyfriend he actually confessed that he likes me..haha.. however, I moved school right after the year ended. So, that's the end of us.

8. I'm very close with my parents that i'll be very worried if i'm away from them..or if they are away from me. That's the main reason why i choose uitm as my 1st choice of univ eventhough there are thousands of other places to study in.

9. I'm not a clever student but i'll always try to do my best in whatever i'm doing. Along my journey in life, i can say that i'm quite proud with what i've achieved right now :)

10. I miss you Asasi people A LOT. I really mean it guys!

11. NOT fond of cats and i can say the same to almost all animal in this world.. i got easily terrified by them. oh, pathetic me!

12. I am an unorganized person and always get into trouble when i can't find things.

13. Sometimes i get confused with my age. Why? Simple, i am bad at remembering numbers. Therefore, u should be really grateful if i managed to remember ur b'day..haha. Friends, i'm extremely sorry tau if i didn't wish you.

14. Won the second prize in the cooking competition at my school. I love to cook!

15. Really happy for ninie and ayie(my 26 years old classmate) who won the prize to dine at the international kafeteria with dr mazli due to their good presentation. congrates :)

16. Before i died, I really hope that I can say thank you properly to all people in this world that have helped me no matter in what ways.. THANK YOU :)
My highest gratitude to these warmhearted people who have always made me happy and given me their love.

i would love to tag ashikin, helmin, my ateh, mawaddah, and you! :)

1 comment:

Ninie said...

Thanks alia for the wish. Well, the experience of dining at such crowded cafe wasn't amazing at all...

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