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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ikhlas dari hati seorang makhluk yang lemah.

Yes, i'm sad. Very sad indeed for not being able to do anything.. nothing but wait, pray, and ..see.

Until when must they suffer like this??

Now, these people are no longer fighting for their pride. They are fighting for their own land.. for their own dear life! Seeing the prime minister apologize makes me sick. It's so easy for them right, to kill 1000 people and just get away by saying we are sorry. And afterwards sends more bombs and rockets.. they would easily kill more children and innocent people!

The nature of human, we never realise the things that we already have before they are taken away from us.. We take so many things for granted. We have running water inside our house but seldom use it for wudhu'. We have calm and clean room but seldom use it to recite the holy Quran. Bertaubat dan bersyukurlah anda sebelum terlambat.

Ya allah ya tuhanku, tabahkanla hati mereka ya Allah. Lindungilah mereka Ya Rahman Ya Rahim. Sesungguhnya padaMulah aku memohon pertolongan.

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cik.tj said...

hanya mampu berdoa.


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