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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My first log for instructional design and e-languange development

Alia Nadhirah Binti Ahmad Kamal
Reflective Log 1
22 January 2009

I feel great today as we set our feet for the first time in the cool computer room. We were given 10 minutes to adapt ourselves in the new environment and after reading a few articles on the internet, Pn. Noraini asked us to sit on the floor which makes the communication between us became much easier. Today, she asked us a lot of questions on what do we understand about Problem Based Learning (PBL) and what are the characteristics of PBL. In my understanding, PBL is actually an interesting way to learn in which students learn based on solving problem. Instead of the lecturer giving the students all the input, students gain new knowledge using their own effort. PBL requires the lecturer to function as the facilitator and observer to ensure that students are going on the right track.

In PBL it is vital for students to collaborate well if they work in groups. Using their prior knowledge and some research students will eventually manage to solve the problems. However, the final result of the process might not always be positive due to certain factors such as error in research process or lack of experience and knowledge. Therefore students must be aware of these drawbacks and seek for the expert advice when they are solving the problem.

And now I am writing my log while waiting for the PBL journals to load. Finding a good journal is quite a hard work as most website does not provide their full text journals for free. However I will continue searching as this is one of the important skills that a student must acquire which is evaluating the sources.

In all, today’s class has expanded my understanding on Problem Based Learning PBL.

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