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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chinese new year vacation!

the newly painted opah n tokwan's house
oh my gosh!

~when we arrived at Parit Buntar this was the first thing which woke me up from my deep sleep.."WOW!!" is the word to describe my shock. haha.. u won't believe how terrible the colour is until u see it urself. oops, sorry opah~

at least the house looks very bright and ceria now :)
p/s: it will be much easier for people to find my opah's house. hahaha

Ban pecah!

I don't know what ban really means but what i did know is the place is full of rocks!i cant see any beach there..only sea and nice scenery when the sun sets!~

my cousins (most of them are primary school boys) enjoyed themselves a lot climbing up and down the rock. Oh sungguh meriah mereka!

from left:ain idin, nawfal, nasrul haq, nabila, iman, fathi, ayman n ahyad


can u please make it last longer?


noidentity said...

alia pun cm mereka(cousin2 alia yg primary school) juga. :p

alia nadhirah said...

sdikit2 sajela =)

(o___o) said...

wahh rumah!! serba serbi hijau! :O

cik.tj said...

rumah itu sangat sexy alia!!


Wan Teh WK said...

Rumah opah tu kalau Nik Aziz tengok..mesti berkenan gile punya.

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