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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friends, lets gather!

hello there!
yeah, i don't want to comment much on those non-heart-soothing incidents or shall i say accidents that have happened in USM recently. really glad that things has gone back to normal to some parties an i'm praying hard that the parties which still have misunderstandings will try to understand each other soon:)

syahmi.munirah mnawar.teejay.moon.alif. nini.tun.fatin.aimi.ikram.sakinah.hud.hussein.aqilah. tikah cak.alia.fiqah.yana.atillea.*iqbal.

once a week my class n fatin's class will go to UITM main campus for our e-language and development class and as u all now atillea is know studying bussiness there!! so, we made a plan to have lunch together and here is the pics :)

really hope that all of u can be here guys! :)

atillea seems taller than before! (this fact is agreed by all of us)
very happy to see her!
she said her n70 phone has broken down..pity her

fatin . atillea . tun . me?cameragirl :) jeep~hussein's gf :) . coozy. faten

anggerik cafe, uitm malaysia

alia yg comot as said by faten


(o___o) said...

wahh semua sudah berubah :')

cik.tj said...

rendu lah semuanya!
kan kan kan.

shikin amran~ said...

alia~~ huaaa... kamu di tag~ heheheh

Alep said...

memories is like a crystal ball
once shattered, it will be gone

alia nadhirah said...

syamito! nothing has changed la..
we are still the same person that you know..huhu..

yea, sungguh rendu wahai tj :)

alef, u always come out with interesting advices.

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