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Sunday, June 26, 2011

My most favourite .... :)

My most favourite poem

This poem was especially written to be submitted as one of my assessments (literature subject if i'm not mistaken) during Asasi TESL program. We worked in pairs and Sakinah was paired with me :)

Although it was not as good as others', 'The Ugly Ducling' was my motivation during Asasi years. To me, this short poem is very close to my heart. I can even imagine myself being the poor duckling. A naive person who has to put a lot of effort to find her true destiny.

Yes, I realised that I have to work hard to achieve all my goals..in life and hereafter.

The Ugly Duckling

Hatched from an egg
was a darling duckling
But he was different from all his siblings
So they called him the ugly duckling
What he does wrong, he was wondering
Poor, little darling duckling!

Hideously proportioned, the Spanish duck said,
How little duckling’s heart went to shreds
Waves of sadness swamped his heart
He cried and cried and cried out loud
“Oh, why was I different from the lot!”

With feeble wings flapping hard
With faith and hope soaring high
Flying high above the sky
To find what’s in his store of destiny
To find a place where he belonged
A place that he could call home.

Threatened by the hunters
The ugly duckling fled for his life
He needed to get away to survive
Oppressed by the tom cat and the hen
The poor duckling struggled to make his stand
With the perseverance of the patient mountain
He put his all to find his gain.

As despair threatened to take its hold
Suddenly hope came gliding in a miraculous wonder
The ugly duckling then discovered
A beautiful swan he had turned into.
Joy sparkled in his heart,
Not pride but his thankfulness that went out
At last, he had finally found his true destiny.

alia n sakinah

my cute aunts with icy looking swans @ i-city

thanks for reading! :)


Syahmi said...

I ❤ this poem!

Fiery Phoenix said...

salam. sis, i'm gonna be your junior this september. care to explain about this EPC course ? thank you :)

alia kamal said...

syahmi, i love it too!!

phoenix, i'm so happy to have u as my junior :) insyaallah u'll be able 2 achieve all ur dreams.

Anonymous said...

Glad I detected this on google .

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Ninie said...


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