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Friday, April 25, 2008

The second semester of asasi tesl in uitm melaka had ended...

on the final semester of my asasi i had went through lots of challenges and difficulties.. physically as well as emotionally. alhamdulillah, i guess i had managed to overcome all problems..

and now this is the story of:


we did many big things in our final semester

first there's a sekolah kebangsaan lendu project which involved students from standard 4 and 5
we have to fasilitate them.. play games with them.. eventhough there were quite a number of students who are very low in terms of their english proficiency, all of them showed their enthusiasm while doing activities with us.. oh, being teacher is tiring but above all it is FUN!!
no kidding
while we were doing assignments and sitting for tests, we also had to get prepared for the final drama presentation.. it was the biggest thing that i've done in my life
with no performing experience at all, we were divided into 2 groups and had to stage our drama at melaka city campus. the drama performance, which carries 40 % of language and drama marks had forced us to practice night and day..
oh, i was really tensed back then..
as a production manager,
there were so many things to do..
1st~the drama script which had caused many problems..luckily we've magnificent uncle hussein to make the script a wonder :)
2nd~the actor n actresses, this is another headache since they had first chosen me as the lead actress..seriously, I cant sleep well for many days! really thankful that i got the Melur character instead of being Elisa the rude daughter.. lastly we managed to sort out things. yeah!
elisa-munirah munawwar
elisa's mother-sakinah.. this character is supposely to be acted by fizah who had mysteriously missing during the 3 weeks preparation (that is another long story)
melur-me (i'm pekan sister ok..lol)
mak tanjung-fiqah..seriously, she's a good actress
si tanggang-hussein..besides being a magnificent writer he also can act naturally! (hussein blanje)
tanggang's mother-ninie..wow I salute her a lot, she's the iron lady of our group and her acting was definitely superb~
tanggang's wife-tun.. she had really proved that she can changed when the situation demands her to do so :) go tun!!
tanggang's servant-sakinah..psst, she's our director who had assisted a lot in our acting. thanks saki. i love you!!! muah muah.


Indescentdecendant said...
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marina hamzah said...

Salam. Hi I'm a TESlian in UiTM Melaka and recently I got a project work that we have to do in a school. Just wanted to ask you about what activities and games have you done for your project? So blurr right now! Please help me : )

alia kamal said...

hi marina. we did many activities and games..but the two games that i remember are

1.win lose or draw
you know how to do this right? we use small piece of paper to write the answer (example: crazy doctor,long train..etc) and a student was asked to come in front and draw on the drawing block (we dont have a board back then)

2. fill in the blanks with words that have been deleted from the original song lyric.
u need a radio/any music player that is loud enough will do.. and some edited lyrics

singing songs together will be fun too...

i bet you will be more creative than us in doing this. good luck! :)

marina hamzah said...

Thank you for the infos. appreciate it! : )

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