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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Going to schools makes my passion stronger!

In case u don't know, i was a teslian before. Being one of the 20 TESL Asasians in Malacca, I really enjoyed the subjects and had built the passion 4 teaching during the 2 meaningful semesters. But such hopes to be a great teacher has started to fade since the KPT's SHOCKING RESULT. The decision had then changed my status.

I changed.. Nothing more about teaching, in apb the focus is to prepare myself towards the corporate world.. of what will it be to communicate in the corporate setting..

Since being a plain student with many problems is just not enough for me, i volunteered to be an smf (hahaha..) which then leads me to join in the faculty's huge project, Bahasa & Budaya 1 Malaysia. This project requires all the project members to go to 6 schools and teach and run some modules on the students.

The thing is, through teaching the kids i've realised that my passion for teaching is still there. i actually feel thrilled! compared to talking with adults about serious issues and boring problems, i prefer mingling with children..having fun, keep teaching and learning new things.. yeah, that's nicer.

hmm..now, even though i have recognised some challenges that i will face as an educator, i'm seriously considering to pursue my master in education (TESL). what do u think friends?


munirah ruslan said...

alia your post remind me of our days!! made me miss u more. if u want to pursue in tesl, i have no objection because i know u can be the most funniest, reliable, serious, patient, friendliest, smartest teacher. so if that is what u want, go for it!! jiao you, jiao you

alia nadhirah said...

thank u sooo much 4 ur support munirah :) hehe.. i miss u so much!

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