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Friday, April 24, 2009


there are actually three main reasons of putting 'finally' as the title for this particular post.

1) finally, we will be moving from puncak perdana (the one of the most 'ulu'est area in shah alam, perfect place for studying purposes) to the Shah Alam Main Campus.

I must say that i've mixed feelings upon hearing this news. Mind you, this is a BIG news!
we are MOVING!

Staying in puncak for 2 semesters has taught me many things.
  • i've learned the skills of long distance driving by travelling to and fro puncak and now i'm a confident young driver (i don't dare call my self a good driver yet based on my brothers and sister destructive comments..haha..)
  • i've learned that doing last minute assignments are better than doing them early without giving enough focus (do not follow this act).
  • information system is an interesting area to study in (most of my housemates are students of this faculty)
  • nothing is free except for friendship. you can be friend with all the people you met and none of them will charge you for being your friends. seriously i love you guys. in fact, my housemates are one of the reasons that make me feel sad to move.
a special dedication to my companions during the two semesters in puncak
toa special dedication to:

kak farahiyah: i love u, i love u, i love u. thank u for being such a wonderful friend, tolerant roommate, and understanding sister. u're unique in your own way and i'm going to miss u a lot. u must update me on ur relationship development with dear CJ7 :)

kak farahana: i think u're the 'supergirl' of the house. u've motivated me a lot by being strong despite of having to face many many difficulties. kak farah, stay strong. i love u!

kak zahirah
: hehe.. i insist to call u kakak here, u'r my kakak! :) thanks for everything, the activity coupons, the energy used to wake me up to continue doing my assignments, and the love and concern that u have given to us. i love u!

: the girl of few words. take care of your health and plug in the mosquito liquid thing to chase the aedes mosquitos away :). i love u!

ainol: always the most problematic person in the house. haha.. just kidding :) no, you are a gifted person that can make people laugh until their stomachs burst just by telling a story. don't be stressed over small matters k. i love u!

i'll be missing you guys a lot.
i'm so sorry if i've done anything wrong to any of you.

leaving puncak perdana is a sad thing
...but it couldn't be avoided as we do not belong here. as you've been informed, our faculty is actually located in the main campus.
for the sake of learning convenience and accessibility to more books and references, we have to pay a very high price. being distanced from u guys, the wonderful friends that i love.
wuu =(

2) finally, i will sit for my last exam paper (language and society) this monday. this will be the end of my second semester. hurray!!! holiday is heavenly great :)


together with all my family members of course as my housemates..haha

yes, since before i entered Asasi TESL, this was the main reason of choosing uitm as my university .. i want to stay here in shah alam to be exact, in my house. and it seems to be that i have finally achieved that objective.

haha.. what to do.. i was very childish at that time.

dear readers, i really hope that you can feel the mixed feelings that i'm having. i've never expected that i'll feel sad upon leaving puncak. but then i feel extremely sad..

though in writing books we must end a chapter first before a new chapter can begin, i choose to be a disorganised writer in arranging the story of my life. i would not divide the episodes in my life as in chapters in books where i've to end a story before a new story can actually be written. but i will just store all the memories about the past and the present together. with lots of commas, but no fullstop.

(not in the picture: kak farahana)


(o___o) said...

agak jealous anda membawa kereta ke kampus..


alia nadhirah said...

tpi sem 2 jrg bwk krete. tym kecemasan je :)

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