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Thursday, May 27, 2010

i used to love blogging

It's funny reading my older posts. Especially posts that had been written when i was in asasi. I used to love blogging, summarising my not-very-interesting life and posting pictures. But now, somehow, the passion has disappeared. Hmm, maybe I should cultivate the passion again now. Now, i am extremely busy with Bahasa & Budaya 1 Malaysia Project. Being the "Biro Tajaan & Publisiti", i really really need to work hard for the benefit of the school students. No sponsor means, no present, no cenderahati and no goodies!

To all my future juniors, taking LG220: Bachelor of Applied Lang. Studies (Hons.) English for Professional Communication or LG221 : Bachelor of Applied Lang. Studies (Hons.) Malay Language for Professional Communication , WELCOME TO APB! I'm your 'Biro Akademik' in APB's Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti (SMF). If you need to know more about these courses and its challenges, feel free to contact me :)
my email:littlemushroom_90@yahoo.com
u can also find me in facebook

p/s: ex-Asasi TESLians 2007-2008, i miss u ALL!

p/ss: to all my schoolfriends (smks19), i'm looking forward to meet u all soon! (at Kedai Anggerik ke..haha..)


saki said...

woo...rindu jugak kat u

alia nadhirah said...

Sakinah!! hehe..miss u sangat!

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