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Saturday, May 16, 2009


I hope this post will always be a meaningful one. To Mr IMANSHAH, I hope you will enjoy reading my entry.


Last year, on this exact date i was still struggling damn hard learning how to drive a manual kancil car. I was too tensed at that time and there were so many reasons that led to a serious hatred towards the driving instructor

haha.. It's really kind of funny to think about my driving experience now.

In one of the YM conversations with hud, he had even suggested a plan to sabotage the kancil car by patahkan tongkol gear tu ke or langgar kreta kat dpn utk bgi instructor tu plak tension.haha

*thank God i didn't execute any of the plans. *

now i realise that my instructor ridiculously harsh method of teaching is vital so that i would be extra careful on the road. Thank u uncle tee :), my driving teacher. Happy teacher's day!

keadaan sbnr di Seri Muda learning center..uncle tee sdg mngambil angin di luar.
*mungkin dia juga sdg tertekan*

Reminiscing on my childhood time learning in taski abim, i still remember 1 of my young teachers cikgu ina. She was very nice and kind and i know that she loves me as i can still feel her love up until now. She gave me a big pencil box as a present for getting the 1st place in class. And 1 fine sunny day, she even had took me for jalan2 naik komuter!! (the commuter service had just been introduced at that time) n treat me for kfc. Ya allah, i was very excited and happy to be by her side!

If only she knew that i miss her so much.. Happy teacher's day Cikgu Ina:)

I can not describe my feelings on the first day that i entered into 5 Intelek (the second class in sks20). I was in a very confused state . The people that i know (my PTS friends) were not that many and they seemed lost too in the sea of unknown new classmates.

SUDDENLY came in a woman with a loud voice and garang face.
"kamu semua kemas beg sekarang jugak pindah ke kelas sebelah!"
"huh?? ape yg telah berlaku ni? ade rompakan ke?"
that might be what i may be thinking at that time.

The result of that incident was, all students from 5 intelek were placed in 5 Cemerlang (the first class in sks20) and all students who were supposed to be learning in the first class were placed in the second class. That is Pn saadiah, she would do anything as she pleases and please do not go against her words if you want to be alive. haha..

At last i found out that the reason she switched us was she wanted to give more attention to 5 intelek students as all budak lompat were placed in that class. However, the school had assigned her to teach maths n bm to the students in the first class and only maths subject to the second class. Therefore she did the drastic action. woo owh!

In her class, i had been given denda for so many times
among the denda:

+ kne pindah gi klas yang pling last sbb xsiapkan hmwork (ingatkan pindah gi klas tu slame-lamenye.. dah nangis cm org giler dh, nasib baik utk 1 hari saje)
+ pindah lagi utk kali ke2 sbb xsiap hmwork jgk tpi utk 2 jam je. pastu cikgu dtg peluk and bwk gi klas btul balik :')
+ kne rotan together with the entire class sbb bising (sakit giler!! pecah berderai jdi pendek pembaris panjang tu apb smua org tlah dirotan)
+ pastu kne rotan lagi ramai2 sbb bising kat bilik KH. wawawa..

pn saadiah jaafar ialah orang yang bertanggungjawab dalam membentuk saya menjadi insan yang berusaha keras di dalam hidup.

she had also shown me the right direction in life and most important,
she remains to be one of the teachers that i admire a lot even though years have passed by. Selamat Hari Guru Cikgu Saadiah.

Gambar hiasan :)

things became much harder when i entered menengah tinggi. it was quite difficult for me to learn something that i couldn't figure out the purpose.

therefore i often asked questions like these to my teachers:
cikgu, knape kne blaja pengamiran? kte guna ni utk ape? (addmath)
cikgu, mol dgn molekul ape beza dia? (kimia)

because life was difficult for me, i try my best to make others life difficult too!
(xdela, gurau je)

therefore i would like to give my highest gratitude to the wonderful people who have saved me from drowning.

Pn. Naaimah-cikgu bio form 5 yg dirindui. sngt penyayang, dedikasi serta sentiasa mnasihati.
Cikgu Jai-my young indian tuition teacher who loves to laugh at my questions. A very hardworking and determined teacher.
Pn. Kamisah-my class teacher. a wonderful ustazah who would always sooth my heart dgn cahaya keimanan in pendidikan islam class.
Pn. Maimunah-the addmath teacher who always showed a calm and relax expression when teaching difficult addmath equation and solution. she did give the idea that addmath is easy..but when i went back and tried the exercises given, adoiiii. stngh jam 1 soalan.
En. Kamali-the straightforward physics teacher. eventhough he didn't chatter much in class, i know that he's very concern about us.
Cikgu Samy-my physics tuition teacher who often blamed me for delaying his teaching schedule. i only asked many questions, nothing else..hihi.. his step-by-step explanation sometimes made simple things seemed complicated. however, i had understood many things with his help as i could ask maaaaany questions to him.

also to my classmates who had done a huge favor for me by being tutors without salary:-
thanks a lot guys! seriously, u'r all great teachers :)
nurul ashikin amran
yap hoong yun
ameera ashyila kamaruzzaman
prakas palanichamy
there are so many super people that i really want to thank to but then this post would be 10 pages long altogether. Therefore to
abah and mama
my kindergarten teachers
my school teachers
my uitm melaka tesl lecturers
my uitm shah alam epc lecturers
my asasi friends, u know who u r :)
my present classmates
and all the people who had taught me and shaped me to be the person i'm right now
only Allah can repay your kindness.

From the bottom of my heart i would like to say thank you soo much
and happy teachers' day!
i love you!!


cik.tj said...

kasihan uncle tee

tapi dia dan semua cikgu pasti
be proud of you.
:D :D

Syahmi said...

saya juga ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI GURU kpd ANDA kerana telah mengajar pelbagai perkara samada ilmu akademik ataupun ilmu2 kehidupan sewaktu di tesl dahulu..

tuhan memberkatimu amin -.-

noidentity said...


sgt paannnnjjjaaannnggg!!

pasti sgt menghargai cikgu2 anda.

tahniah diucapkan

atikah@sbery said...

haha sry~
sy bca sparuh je~

tp alia btul ke jd bdk nakal cmtu?

alia nadhirah said...

tj> xp'caye jumpe kamu d pasar td!!
kte mmg b'jodoh :D

kmu xpnah jmpe itu uncle lgi.. hihihi


syahmi> selamat hari guru kpdmu juga! saya jg blaja bnyk drpd kamu,
tpi 1st thing that i learnt is:
readng a dict. can also be a hobby. B)

fatin> ooh, ni nk b'tanding dgn post birthday awk sbnrnye..haha..
SEMUA org pasti menghargai c'gu mereka :)

tkah cak> oh, sye tdakla nakal..cume malas mmbuat homework shj. hehe..
mse tu sngt penatla, hmwork sklh agma pon bnyaaaaak!

shikin amran~ said...

alia!!!! huaaa.. kite sgt bngga cos awk letak nama kite... huaaaa..terharu3~ ni yg nak nges ni~~ sob2~ ^___^

alia nadhirah said...

to shikin, it's my pleasure. hehe..
thanks 4 evrything! :)

IMANSHAH said...


penyertaan diterima

alia nadhirah said...

tq cikgu imanshah :)

teratai said...

good luck!

alia kamal said...

tq so much mrs TERATAI :)

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