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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Too much to write which results to..

1. the confusion of what to tell first
2. a very long post. haha..

hmm... to put them all in a sentence

The past 2 weeks were a blast!

6 june 2008
Happy b'day to me! haha.. (no cake this year)

as u can see, they r taller than me (any good supplements to suggest? ..huhu)

First thing first, thank you so much for these nice people who had wished me Happy Birthday. U know who u are..n i really. i mean REALLY appreciate the fact that some of you do remember my birth date. With all my heart, thanks!

This is the last year that i can include the number 1 in my age as in '19' ..after this..i have to say i'm 20 when people ask. hoho.. when i was little, i always think people who r in their twenties are very matured and all.. OK! lets not think about it now.

we even had a breakfast with dr mazli on my b'day (it's another long story).

i hope..really hope that i can be as happy as i am forever and ever. which is sadly..impossible.
therefore, i will definitely treasure every moment in my life =)

8 june 2009

alhamdulillah (the last award by SD, in regards to my asasi result)

9-11 june 2009 Family days! (this is only the small part of the large family)

yes. considering that Tok Timah has 9 children and 5 step children who are all married and have their own children, this family days had managed to gather 4 children and a stepdaughter..which is only a small part i should say

however, we had succeeded in giving a good headache to the house caretaker, thanks to me and my cousins! ;)

standing from left: abah, pakcik, anas, ahyad, paktam, atiya, mawaddah, me, n akram (the boy who couldn't stop running(: )
sitting on chairs from left: paksu, maksu, mama with ayman on her lap, mak ngah ma, tok, n makcik
sitting on grass from left: akil, ehsan, asfia', aulia', nawfal, irdina, hanan, n asyraf.

posing in the mid of a morning walk
*we were left faar behind..lol!*

i don't know the 'performance objective' of this game.. all i know is it was fun! especially when my team won..haha!

we played lots n lots of games and ran around a lot! oh, heaven =)


Syahmi said...

wahh syioknya sime darby! haha

alia nadhirah said...

oh syahmi,
apekah maksudmu?

atikah@sbery said...

sry alia
hepi birthday
better late than never aite?

alia nadhirah said...

hehe..thanks tikah! =)

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