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Monday, June 1, 2009

29 May 2009, SMKS 19 Teachers' Day Celebration

I must admit that i felt a little awkward looking at the gate of a school that doesn't belong to me anymore.. but this feelings faded easily upon looking at my schoolmates. izuana, fareha, maryam, irfan n syanidzam.
p/s: the others came late..haha..we had to go out and usher them in.
and us..even though we are now students from various universities studying different courses.
we will always have a similarity.
we share the same school experience :)

yeah, once again i felt that i'm still a part of this school thanks to the warm welcome from the teachers. hehe

the teachers' day assembly was held at the new tapak perhimpunan, located at the new block and the place was quite crowded.

a special performance by5 talented teachers
*can u recognise ur teachers from their backs?..hehe*
p/s: syanidz's brother performed too, he played guitar

sitting from left is en zainal and miss chandrika
*as usual, he sang a song that day :)*

we met a lot of teachers, of course
i'm glad to see that many of my lovely teachers are still teaching here. now i'm sure that my sister is in good hands.

it is amazing that most of the teachers that i met don't look a day older than before especially pn rafidah and pn hanizah. hmm how did they do that?

one of the interesting remarks was made by pn hanezah
"eh, macam mati hidup balik jumpe kamu semua ni. ingat dah lupe kat kte dah."
(therefore, to all my friends: go and visit ur teachers, i'm sure that some of them must be missing u..hehe)

haish, i'll never ever forget my teachers. insyaallah, will do my best to make them proud.

after having a good chat with all teachers *feeling very happy* we went for a drink.

location: Ali's corner, section 20
not in the pictures: alia. why? because i'm the cameragirl =)

*3 mischievous boy are secretly planning something*
*izuana n meera, dctrs wannabe*

i'm glad that i came..i'm glad that i asked them to come too! hehe..

a little something for u 2:
i'd accidentally came across a book with ur names at the backcover..
and i have to say that you 2 should buy this book. it's not everyday that both of u become heroes right? in the same story plak tuh.


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intan said...

saya sangat setuju utk gmbar yg last itu..
man..ko kena beli buku tu..
kamal pon sama..

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