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"No matter how hard life is, just think positive and you will succeed!" -Aliakamal-

Friday, July 3, 2009

counting days..

because a new semester is about to begin..yeay!!
(haha.. i'm practising positive thinking ok)
in fact, i'll officially be a third semester student in the next 3 days. wow!!

a new semester means
- i'm nearer 2 the graduation..lol
- i can meet my friends again :)
- i'll stop myself from wasting more time (alaaaaaa...)
- new exciting subjects to be explored =D
- new learning environment to be experienced..wuhhuw

a new semester also marks
- the end of this lovely vacation
- new challenges and problems to be faced

in all, i'll do my best for this new coming semester :)
....work harder, be stronger (it's a must!), avoid last minute work!!!
(or should i just play more in class?? hmm...*grin*)

a small gathering
with beloved schoolfriends

sitting from left: aisyah, wana, salmi
from right: noreha, hazman, joel

Pavilion, KL

more pictures that i just found in my laptop files~

nice bending tree that we met on the journey to terengganu

it's good to have the 'i-am-tall' feeling..haha

i'm still trying to figure out what the boys were doing..lol

this is the sweetest lychee that i'd ever tasted

my last words: transformers is soo cool!
(haha.. tiade kaitan)

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