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Thursday, May 1, 2008


And the flower blooms..

Crawling among the human, here I am. Trying to find my stand, here I go. Well well, it is quite hard to begin with. The Minggu Mesra Siswa, which is the first university week for all student was quite shocking for me. I never thought that university life would be this hectic. Finishing my high school was quite easy compared to this, where there are thousands of things to be done in my daily schedule. Not just assignments and tests preparations, but also the laundries and daily chores too. All had to be done by myself. Tired, tensed, all feelings are mixed together, not counting the feeling of homesick yet. I am sure that all of you had experienced the same thing as I was. Sometimes, when you feel the tiredness makes your spirit fades, all works turns to a big burden of stones which you would never be able to carry. Never been away from home.. Oh, I really feel like quitting!

“No, no, no. I am not that weak. I can do it, no matter how!” That was the chant that I always repeat again and again. If everyone else could, why couldn’t I? Praying hard to stay strong, I climb up the hill with all my might. As the wheel of time spins, Alhamdulillah, I started to enjoy my university life. The classrooms which used to have gloomy atmosphere, the library which two months ago seems boring, and the lake scenery which had given me some freak doesn’t look like they used to be. By right, they sure look inviting to me now. I love going to classes and listening interesting lectures, enjoy reading expensive and high quality library books, and also go kayaking at the lake whenever I feel like to.

The best thing of all, I really had gotten myself a new family! The close relationship among the classmates had really given me the comfort and the sense of belonging. I am now a family member of UITM Melaka! Of course, there are tonnes and tonnes of challenge that one has to face in their life. As long as a person is breathing, he or she could not get away from having problems. What makes successful people different from losers are the way they handle their problems. To be a strong student, one should have the capabilities to be self-reliant, self-motivated, and self-sufficient. Now I have realised that to adapt yourself, no matter wherever you are, all you need to do is just open your heart and broaden your minds towards new changes and possibilities. The power is actually in your hands.

…And the flower started to bloom,
Showing its proud petals,
Confident of its own strength,
It definitely will give the brightest shine..


=azam= said...

welcome to UiTM. Rajin rajin belajar...untuk rakyat Malaysia. tahniah. http://damhamaza.blogspot.com

noidentity said...

I miss that moment.Huhu!

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