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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ada Apa Dengan MBA?

Salam Ramadan everyone!
It has been 14 days now that we are fasting and I am sure most of you are already able to adapt well to our new eating schedule.

This post is dedicated to those who wish to know more about MBA in USM.

Being a girl with a curious mind, I have experienced being a corporate communication executive serving a big listed company before I switched to a very small construction company operating various businesses.  The experience that I had in both companies was very different but very meaningful and valuable in many ways.   I started working at the age of 21, and working life to me, is just like entering a new university called University of Money Making: where money matters above everything else.

Along the working life I then realise that, I need to be a stronger person if I were to lead projects.  I need to develop a stronger personality and speak convincingly if I were to influenced my superiors and subordinates.

So I give myself another chance to learn.  I am currently a full time student in Universiti Sains Malaysia pursuing my master's degree in business admin or a more glamorous name to it, I'm pursuing MBA now.  (Thanks to MARA and my parents I don't have to worry about funding)

So what is so interesting about MBA? Why don't I pursue a course that is more relevant to my degree - applied language studies?  (Actually MBA is quite relevant to my degree, I have a minor in business too.  )

The main reason that leads me to this course is, I see this course as a tool that would bring me towards broader opportunities.  It is true that experience is very important before you could be trusted to handle a particular task, but I believe, paper qualification is equally important.  Especially if you wish to venture into reputable companies, or even the government.  Of course, how you carry yourself, your communication skills, critical thinking skills and other soft skills carry a huge weightage too.

Given a chance, I would love to work in a moving environment.  Where I would do new things everyday, meet different people daily, gain new experience and knowledge continuously --and I could see this in business management, more than other fields.

Just like any other schools offering MBA, the students of Graduate School of Business (GSB) in USM come from various backgrounds, some are HR managers, engineers, architects, teachers, auditors, PTD, even nurse and policeman.  Being in the same class with them is actually a great honour to someone like me who could really learn a lot from these experienced people.

In USM, the university offer general MBA and also several other MBA with specialisation and my specialisation is Sustainable Development, we call it MBA SD.  I love my course so much and I love all my MBA friends a lot.

To my future juniors, I hope you would learn as much as we do, be as tough as us in facing challenges and please, don't forget to have fun along the journey ;)

If you wish to ask more about MBA at USM, feel free to email me at aliakamal69@gmail.com

P/s: My journey in USM has been quite colourful so far.  There were many moments where life gets hectic with piling assignments, research reports and quizzes.  And USM is quite tough I should say, with high requirements.  But trust me, YOU CAN DO IT! :D

thanks for reading! :)

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