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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

inventions that i love!

It has not been raining for 101 days now
(based on my hyperbole calculation skills)
..and.. by switching on your fan while lying on the floor with your arms and legs open, you can really get the feeling of being a dried fish. trust me!

just like the picture below...

Ok, back to the topic, I can't imagine living without electricity and running tap water.
It will be extremely hard to do practically everything!

--off we go to the well to wash your laundry--
*jngn lupa nyanyi lagu wahai ibuku si ikan kaloi sambil tonyoh baju ya*
--no more lights at night--
*I-City will have to be closed*
--u cant use the ATM machine--
*sorok duit bwh bantal..mmg lagi cepat habis*
--cooking would become a very challenging task--
*mmg smua org transform jdi iron chef*
--television and internet would be history--
*bye2 friends T_T*
etc etc etc....the list is endless

However, here, I would like to share some of the greatest inventions for daily use that do not require electricity or any form of power to function

1. Pillow-bed-blanket
thanks to u guys i sleep well everyday :)
2. Shoes
they protect your feet, give u comfort and warmth and *sometimes make you taller and more pretty.. haha..
3. Book
i'm an old fashion person who prefers to read stories printed on tree elements
4. Staircase
with the staircase you can have the 2nd floor or even 3rd floor in your house. haha..

dear rain, please fall for me tomorrow. i miss u already T_T

thanks for reading! :)

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