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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Legoland Malaysia, My Story :)

Nawfal was the photographer & Atiya was replaced by Tok
Legoland Malaysia is the latest attraction in Johor, specifically Nusajaya.  It’s a very very fun theme park for school children; and to adults, you’ll surely have fun too but more than this, you’ll be amazed to see how every sculpture is made of Legos. 

One important tip from me, please wear lots of sunscreen and cap on your head.  Cos the weather is so hot and there'll be not much trees to protect you.

Unless u wanna be sunburn and messy like me..haha..

So, we had a chance to visit this new exciting place last weekend! :)

6 Adults and 1 Child + RM200 worth of meal coupons

Let's start!
Their attention to detail is basically beyond imagination.. at least beyond my imagination. Hehe.. 

Daddy, the uncle is taking away our toilet bowl!
See, extra detail! A tool inside the uncle's pocket
This colourful place opens at 10am.  And we went there on Sunday, so the crowd was craazeyh babeh! The visitors that day were mostly excited Johorians and us, the SD Industrial troop.  If you are planning to visit Legoland in near time, my advise is, take a day leave and go there on a weekday, unless you are willing to wait 2 hours for a ride, u’re most welcome. 

The lost kingdom-didn't manage to experience any rides here :(
Yup, we are lost!
Upon entering, you’ll be thrilled by seeing gift shops, sculptures of man, notable buildings, and animals beautifully made of lego blocks.  Yup, just behind this big signboard!     

Please run away from them and queue for rides first!  If you stop here and there to take pictures.. hrmm..

No,no,no, I'm just helping him with this. hihi..

The models and sculptures will always be there all day long but the exciting rides wouldn’t just be reserved for you!

One of the rides that we love :)

Upon entering, quickly grab the map and use it as your guide, you wouldn't want to miss any fun rides right? *every ringgit counts..haha*

If you really can’t avoid big crowd, go for rides that are exciting but not too scary first.  Like this 4D Show.  In legoland, it's a must to attend the show. Combining 3D picture with extra effects like air breeze, water and snow, you'll be thrilled :)  We watched 'Spellbreaker' by the way. 


jom cekik dia! lol

At scary rides like Legotechnic, the crowd wouldn’t be as much as 4D Theater, and the waiting hour is very short.  The tiny roller coasters are many and they sure move very fast! 

Exciting ride in Legoland
What i like most in Legoland is, all rides are actually catered for the whole family.  So we don't have to take turn to look for 8 year old Ayman.  He is tall enough to join almost all rides, including all roller coaster! Hurray!! :D

Ayman's weird peace sign
oh, he has also succeeded to own a driving license in legoland-a credit card like license with his picture on it

The greystone castle

This castle houses 3 main rides. Two roller coasters and 1 horse riding ride.  There's also a beautiful playground here with an awesome slide.

the bridge at entrance

welcome to the dragon roller coaster!
cute lil monster
let's do it baybeh!
As mentioned earlier, my youngest brother was allowed to enjoy this as well.  So yes, all rides are not too dangerous.  I noticed that all thrill rides don't have the 'O' shaped track- where your body is turned upside down, but they only have 'V' shaped tracks- enough to make your adrenaline rushes.

We managed to convince Tok to ride this..hehe.. :)  Merlin's ride (just guessing the name) was very similar to times square's wavy ride, but with reduced speed. To me. 

ayman, nawfal, mama, ahyad, tok

Unless you want to exercise your muscle, please dont go near this. lol!

As the area of the legoland is quite big, you may want to ride in this train to explore the whole area :)

Travelling on the land by train

Food at Legoland

Unlike Singapore's Universal Studio, you will have no difficulties in getting halal food.  All food served is halal :) Because we were given lots of food voucher, we really had fun exploring various food and drinks offered in here.  Among the food that we had are from:

Grey castle & dragon coaster area
1. chicken leg with cajun sauce and fries + fizzy drinks: RM22+ 
quite nice but pricey 
2. satay 6 sticks + fizzy drinks: RM12+
3. ice-cream 2 scoops: RM10
Mahal! and very typical

Foodcourt-like eating place near driving school
1. fish and chips: RM 19
2. meatball spaghetti: RM19
love the meatballs
3. Drinks: mahalla
Overall, this is the best place to eat in  Legoland.  The serving portion is big and some food like Chicken rice are reasonably priced.

Bakery like restaurant near entrance
we love the lasagna!! it comes with drinks, about RM20 kot

lasagna, the most yummiest food in here for us :)

With the denmark band

For muslims, there are two musolla/surau provided inside the theme park, one at the entrance and another one near to 4D Theatre.  However, the place can be quite stuffy during peak hour.  I hope that Legoland management can look into this and make the surau more comfortable :(

There are also strollers and other facilities to be rented at a reasonable price here.

this cute stroller can be rented here in legoland!
the twins are so adorable ;)
Tok kita pun comel juga
After we had enough fun trying all the rides *which has below 1 hour waiting time..huhuhu..*, it's time to enjoy the artistic lego creation and take lots of pictures!! :D

Just like giants

The buildings and the accessories arranged around it are actually interactive.  Some of the cars, planes, boats, ships, and trains were moving which made the model lively! Boleh gerak2 oh, even without drivers.

KLIA Model :)
KLIA's planes are moving but not flying here. hehe..

Bali pon ade

harusla tangkap gambar kat Bali! :)

A model of Masjid Omar Ali, Brunei
The best part is, the masjid is also equipped al-quran recitation & azan all day long :)

Alhamdulillah, ramai lego ke masjid. eh?

the moving pirate ship

one happy boy

we want to be d first to take pic in front of legoland hotel! lol
the sun is setting down and it's time to back to normal land ':]

Goodbye legoland!

The happiest boy on that day was surely Ayman :)
Thanks Abah! 


it's our turn!

super nice

taj mahal

small lego bees

let your imagination run wild
our KSL hotel room

before we went out for a quick shopping at the  twinning mall
night before - had annual dinner with abah's colleagues
Dislike chinese food

the hotel guardian.. haha

thanks for reading! :)


Anonymous said...

bestnye!! nk pegi!..-kak malia

Mark said...

At last carefully read you post about legoland malaysia :).
It's most exciting and thrilling experience for children as well as for adults.
Your legoland malaysia photo gallery is superb....
Keep it up...

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