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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sumpahan Kum-kum Review

When I came home after work last Monday, I really felt like going to cinema... And after voicing out my intention to the boys, Nawfal said he wants to do homework, Ahyad...hurmmmmmmmmmm.. only Ayman seemed excited to follow. But I decided to go anyway..hehe.. {Sorry Atiya, belajar rajin2 ya kat uitm :) }

Since I didnt want to spend any extra money by doing unnecessary shopping, Space U8 was a perfect choice. There, your money wouldn't flow like water. Except for a few shops, a food court, a grocery store, and a cinema, the new mall is completely empty.

Nevertheless, Space U8 is very special to me. With no parking fee (yet) the possibility of queueing up for buying ticket at its MBO is very2 small if not zero :D

At first I intended to watch Underworld.. but considering that I had only managed to persuade Ayman to accompany me, I decided to watch Sumpahan Kum-kum.. It's MY decision, not his... ahahahaaa ..

hehe.. i did not force him to watch kum2, i persuaded him (again!) ;) (Poor Ayman, for having a kakak like this) It's OK, he'll be 8 this nov, it's just right to watch horror movie to build self confidence right? (haha.. abesla kalau mama tau).

Sumpahan Kum-kum

Why Kum-kum??
Because the ghost heroine loves to say assalamualaikum..kum..kum..kum.. before she attacks. huahuahua..

Looking at the poster, i believe that kum2 may not be able to trigger your interest to watch. kan?

official poster from mr google

But seriously, this movie is soo cool! wuhhuww.. we screamed as if we were riding on the roller coaster. Yes, very true!

and.. There were many parts in the movies that forced us to watch through our fingers..

Unlike many Malay movies that I have watched, this movie doesn't make me feel stupid watching it.

Although some of the occurrences are questionable, they don't really affect audience emotions. In all, if you are searching for an entertaining horror Malay movie, Kum-kum is it. It's scary and also fun at the same time! :)

Ok, enough said. I don't want to spoil the excitement by telling you how the story goes.. So, here's my rating:

Plot: 4/5
Argghhhh scale: 4.5/5

Lets support Malaysian products :)

I'm so glad that we watched this kum2 instead of journey to the mysterious island (Ayman wanted to watch this). and i'm so glad that Ayman enjoyed Kum-kum movie as much as me.. if not i'll feel really guilty. Why not mysterious island? only 1 reason, i dislike The Rock.... huehue..

thanks for reading! :)


Anonymous said...

comey gle bwk Ayman pegi tgk sumpahan kum2.. Are u sure by watching sumpahan kum2 it can build self confidence? hehe :) btw, miss u a lot alia!..

alia kamal said...

haha.. yes i'm very very (not) sure!!

i miss u more ainol yg slalu bwt kte pecah perut! :D

Ninie said...

Sengal....never bring an underage kid to watch this ya!

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