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"No matter how hard life is, just think positive and you will succeed!" -Aliakamal-

Saturday, October 31, 2009

i feel like killing someone

ok. Maybe a tree or a weed will do. i don't know what's wrong with me. really.

i might as well jump into a huge well and see if the well height kills me. if it doesn't, i'll surely think of other ways.

is seriously, deeply, extremely depressed because of (a reason that i can't tell anyone)

feeling so sick about everything~


cik.tj said...

alia :)
be strong okay. take care and goodluck.

munieyra ruslan said...

alia stress is so hateful. eh cm nak terjun bgunan mmg ada, tp kan alia, try divert ur attention with someone else (klu ada), or something else.alia gagah ok!!
alia btw, kitorang nak bg hadiah kat alia nih!!!

alia nadhirah said...

thanks tj. yea perlu jngn tension..
biasela, alia kan kdg2 ade emotional prob.haha..

munirah! haha.. cm ade misinteterpretation dicni. ni masalah dlm diri saje.

thanks guys (+fatin,hud, aqilah)
4 ur concern :) -siap call lgi!
sory 4 making u worry
berusaha xnak create scene cmni dh.

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